Beat the Summer Heat with These Fruit Cakes

Summer is all about picnics, road trips, late night dinners, and backyard fun that comes with spreading sheets and filling up space with picnic essentials and play helluva games. An indulging activity, these cover everybody from the tiny tot to the eldest. While at times, summers scorching heat can be tough to handle and the sweat can break down your energy levels. And that’s when you can be the savior and boost everyone’s energy with fruits and berries. But however, if you wish to win their heart and save them from the blazing sunrays, sumptuous fruitcakes can be the best thing you would order. These like the monsoon rain can shower a cloud full of happiness and make them relish temptations with every droplet.

No matter which city you are in, you can always save everyone from summers fiery by ordering best cakes in Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi Or Pune and give everyone the real taste of fruits, fresh whipped cream, and nutritional dry fruits.

Pineapple Punch

Just like their name, these are able to infuse a refreshing touch to a cake with its power-packed flavor and while it is a succulent fruit, it can amalgamate the tangy twist along with the fresh cream. Desiccated all over, these are a sure-sorted choice if you wish to revive the house party people that are just so lethargic and tired due to summer heat. You can even bake it or order one via an online portal that avails online cake delivery in Lucknow, Pune, Delhi, and all over India.

Mango Madness

Summer is always the best season to do the tango and delve into mangoes! Beginning from its simple consumption, the recipes go beyond one can think off. Mango smoothies and shakes, mango crumble, aam pana, mango as the king has taken over the kitchen and is now available via cakes as well. Mango toppings, mango layering, these are available in upside down cake variety as well.

Tantalizing Kiwi

Sweet and savory, kiwi has a tantalizing flavor that comes with the ability to make people forget about the heat and relish the season in its utmost vigor. Kiwi has now left the smoothie zone and have entered the dreamy creamy layers of a cake and once ordered it can bring the summer madness right into the room. So, why wait? Send cakes to Lucknow, Delhi, Pune, Gurugram, and let the party continue.

Strawberry Surprise

A strawberry cake generally involves strawberry toppings or is slipped between the fluffy layers of the sponge. However, its appetizing flavor is felt in every intake. Baked in the smoothest way, these are visually-appealing as well as can satiate the taste buds deliciously.

Lemon Lime

Can there be any doubt if your picnic has lime sodas or sweet-salty lemony limes? Well, then how come a lemon cake is missing? Infused with a tangy twist, a lemon cake is infused with fresh lime zest and whipped cream and a sumptuous amount of fruits. This savory delight is that one hidden treasure you would love to unbox just in time.

While cakes are limited to celebrations, these have made through the summer options that can make you break free and relish summers at its best.

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