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What Are The Stationery Items That Are Required In An Office

The onset of the coronavirus has made remote work the new normal. Zoom meetings in the last months have replaced In-person meetings. This has led to the transformation of our homes into offices to suit the new normal. For some people, working remotely is nothing new. However, the majority find it new and are trying to make it work. Just like your corporate office, your home office needs stationery equipment to ease your work, and now you can get your office stationery online. Stationery refers to office supplies like papers, pens, erasers, and other materials used in typing, writing, and printing. Lamination machines and printers are also considered stationery.  Stationery may not be easily accessible offline due to a spike in the coronavirus cases. However, you can buy your needed office stationery online. In this article, we’ll make a list of stationery items required in every office.

The Most Popular Office Stationery Items And Their Importance - Pro  Stationery Solution

Must-Have Business stationery supplies


Having a ​highlighter​ while going through a document or book is so important. This is because you can use them to highlight important parts of the text. When you need that specific part, you won’t have to stress because it’s already highlighted. Some highlighters are not good for usage since they’re fake. They leave unwanted traces and make the area unreadable. On the other hand, good highlighters like those sold at Office stationery online come in great colors. They are bold and leave the areas clean and readable.


Are you one of those who forget things easily and need to be constantly reminded? Have you lost important deals because you didn’t remember the date? ​Calendars​ are a must-have. Paper calendars are the best because you can hand them on your office wall or keep them on your table. They’re easy to use as they let you encircle, underline, or tick important dates and events. At the end of each event, you can cross it, which lets you know you’ve accomplished that mission. Calendars help us live planned and well-organized lives.


From torn documents to attaching non-stick notepads to surfaces/documents, sellotape is what you need. Clear sellotape is usually used in offices because it does not blur the view of the document. Like ​sellotape​, glue is also used to patch up torn documents. The right glue to use is thick, long-lasting, and doesn’t make the paper nasty.

Correction pen/fluid 

Have you ever used correction fluid or a correcting pen on a document, and then it totally ruins it? It’s such an annoying situation, especially if it’s an important document with just one copy. Office Corporate has ​correction fluid​ that not only blots out errors but dries off quickly and leaves little residue. It makes the document look as good as new despite the correction.


Stamps make life so easy. However, a bad stamp is more annoying than having to draw your signature on every document. ​Stamps​ do a perfect job when they print boldly and do not dry out easily.


Envelopes​ are used to seal confidential documents before sending them to their destination. These documents can be sent from one office to the other, mailed from one place to another. Premium quality envelopes make the receiver of the package take you more seriously.


Files​ help you keep your documents in an organized manner. The good thing about files is that you can label them based on the document they contain. Non-transparent files are usually used, but transparent files are better. The reason being that transparent files let you see the specific document you’re taking so you don’t mix things up. Furthermore,  files prevent documents from falling off and better presenting documents to another person.


Have you ever wanted to type something on your computer, and you realize it’s better to write it down? Well, that’s why pens are necessary. They are lightweight and can be carried at all times. From scribbling notes to signing important contracts, and everything in-between; pens come to the rescue. They can be used to underline errors in a manuscript and to point out strengths in an essay. ​Pens​ come in varying forms depending on who’s using them and the purpose for which they are used.


Pencils​ can be used in the place of pens if the person writing feels like it. In some cases, pencils are the only way out. For example, in fields like arts and architecture, pencils are still a key work instrument. They are sometimes preferred over pens because pencil erasers are easier to find. Furthermore, pencils are cheaper than pens. Like every other stationery, different types of pencils also serve unique purposes. An artist’s pencil is different from that of a normal office worker.


Imagine making an error on an almost completed design you drew and not having the right eraser​ to take it off. That’s frustrating! Some erasers take off pencil marks while others take off pen marks. Ensure you have both around in case the need arises.


Just like the wrong eraser, a blunt pencil is absolutely useless. The right ​sharpener​ will keep your pencils sharp and make writing/drawing fun. Sharpeners come in various shapes and sizes. They also come in various colors. Buy at least two sharpeners, so you never get stranded.


A penholder is a storage for stationery like pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers. It keeps your desk organized and makes it easier to find your stationery. The capacity of a pen holder depends on its size and shape.


Of what essence are pens, pencils, and markers without some paper to write on?! They are easy to see and will help you remember what you planned to do. The best part is that they readily stick to any surface. In addition to this, you can easily take them off whenever you please. ​Notepads​ come in different colors, making it possible to differentiate between your activities based on their colors.


It’s almost impossible to talk about markers without mentioning how good they are on whiteboards. ​Whiteboards​ are used to scribble information, write plans, and even make calculations. ​Office Corporate​ has excellent whiteboards big enough to stare at you right in the face preventing you from forgetting any information. They are also clear, and they give the marker added definition.

Paper clips 

For some people, ​paper clips​ are their everyday favorite. They use them to clip papers, clip papers to files, and even file to file.  Although they cannot hold together as many documents as a stapler, they do a good job of holding down the few they can. Also, they do leave any bodily cuts and do not need to be used with extreme care to prevent damage. Paper clips come in different exciting colors. Choose that which makes you happy.

Stapler and Staples  

A ​stapler​ is a portable machine used to hold papers together. From just a few pages to over 20 pages, a stapler will keep them together. For this to happen, you need to have a good stapler. One that’s easy to use isn’t rackety and can hold many staples at a time. However, a good stapler isn’t enough. The quality of staples also matters. ​Buying staples​ made from cheap material will ruin your stapler and create holes in your documents. Ideal staples are sharp, immune to rust, and hold papers firmly.


Laminators are machines that add longevity to the lifespan of papers. A laminating machine protects the paper with a film of plastic. This makes it waterproof and free from dust. It also prevents wear and tears over time. At Office Corporate, we sell standard quality laminators at excellent prices. For every laminator bought, be rest assured you’ll have your money’s worth. A laminator is an amazing investment in the long run for those who know what they’re doing.

Office Corporate​, as a reliable, trustworthy and good business stationery supplier, we have good quality equipment for all which matches your financial capability. From grade-A refurbished machines and accessories to brand new ones. The aim is to ensure no one is left out due to the cost of equipment. Office Corporate is also one of the key business stationery suppliers where you can get all office stationery online right from the comfort of your home. Goods can be supplied in bulk at great discounts to various companies. Our products are not only affordable but are also worth the purchase. Furthermore, delivery is fast, and customer service is efficient.

To conclude, the mistake people make in thinking stationery items aren’t so necessary. They often think of every other office item as a major while underestimating the usefulness of stationery. However, stationery is necessary for the smooth running of every office. No matter how small they are, they all play a vital role in helping you have an organized and productive life. Whether you’re working from home or in a corporate office, Office Corporate has all the office stationery you’ll need to get the best results.  Get Amazing Stationery items Online today.

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