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Getting The Longest Life Out Of Your Current Smartphone

Many people tend to change phones and upgrade every several months as calling plans and opportunities change. In most cases, the result is several smartphones that contain the latest build of Android. And while it was once a pretty exciting thing to have the latest feature set driving your phone, the truth is that over the past couple of years, most of the new features have been designed to complete your smartphone experience instead of defining it.

For those who are comfortable with their latest model, it can be useful to create an environment that allows your phone to last as long as possible. Here are some tips that will allow you to extend the life of the phone that you currently have:

Case in point:

The number one life extender for your phone may be a good case that protects it and allows it to weather any storm as it slips off the pub or office table onto the floor. Companies like are well-known for offering the strongest cases like these Galaxy S7 cases tested to meet the most difficult conditions.


When looking at cases, it is a good idea to decide whether a case that protects the back and has an open-faced buffer to stop your screen from hitting the desk or floor is better for your needs. If you are constantly using your phone, you might prefer that style. On the other hand, even if you are a road warrior, getting an extra front cover can be useful if you pack your phone in a backpack or briefcase because it will keep the surface from getting scratched when it comes into contact with other items.

Choose to proof

Whether your phone ends up being waterproof or dustproof or shockproof, the extra engineering that goes into the smartphone you take home will pay off the first time you accidentally knock it off your couch and onto your marble floor. Major manufacturers that create phones with extra tolerance for extremes are pretty fastidious about ensuring that they can stand up to more of a beating than a regular phone.

If you have a business or a family and need to add several phones, choosing phones with some form of proofing should save you time and money- especially if your users lead an active life.

With the right hardware and software combination, your phone can remain relevant for a couple of years. Finding a good case and opting for phones that have been engineered to give you longer life are two good ways to get started extending the life of your phone today.

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