Fantasy Cricket vs. Fantasy Football: Which Sport Reigns Supreme on Dream11

Fantasy sports have turned even casual sports spectators into devoted supporters by offering a distinctive point of entrance into the sporting world. Technological developments and rising smartphone and internet penetration have expedited the expansion of fantasy sports in India by generating interest in sports other than just cricket.

Cricket is more of a religion than a sport for the millions of followers in the country. It is the most common sport and supports the nation’s cultural foundation. Moreover, Indians have a deep enthusiasm for the sport and make it a point to know every little fact or nuance about their favorite player. As a result, fantasy cricket has become extremely popular across the country. With fantasy cricket, the general public has more authority over their preferred cricket team. Additionally, users are given a sense of duty because they can choose the team’s captain and deputy captain.

While cricket has a huge fanbase in India, the sport of football, too, has a significant fandom. In fantasy football, users score points based on how players perform each week. But, you select a virtual squad of Premier League players and receive points for the success of your team’s real-life counterparts.

How to Play Fantasy Football on Dream11

This article will teach us about fantasy games and how they work.

How Does Fantasy Cricket Work?

You create a virtual team in fantasy cricket by choosing your favorite players from the two teams participating in the actual competition and competing against other players. Your team receives certain points depending on how well your players perform during the game. But if you are a newcomer, you should familiarise yourself with the game’s rules and the fantasy points structure. That way, you can quickly learn to select the best players and develop into a highly proficient player.

How Can You Play Fantasy Cricket Online?

To play fantasy cricket online, follow a few simple steps. Check them out as mentioned below:

  1. You need first to install a fantasy cricket app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up for the platform using your Facebook, Google account, or mobile number.
  3. Next, pick any contest from the available matches list and assemble your team. Choose 11 players from the two groups (up to 7 from each squad).
  4. Select your vice-captain and captain after that. When you perform at the same level as other players, the captain awards you two times as many points, while the vice captain awards you only one more.
  5. Finally, you can choose between playing practice games and entering a cash competition.

How Does Fantasy Football Work?

In fantasy football, every position on the field has a unique point system. The most frequent awards go to goalkeepers and defenders for actions like saving a penalty or maintaining a clean sheet, midfielders for assisting a goal, and attackers for scoring a goal. However, players in various positions may receive rewards for multiple actions, so it’s important to determine how much each real-world activity is worth.

It’s also important to remember that players might lose points for undesirable real-world behaviors, such as being dismissed or failing to convert a penalty. Every week, your captain will receive points; your captain will receive further points if he is your striker and scores. Your vice-captain will take over if your captain cannot participate.

Supremacy Of Fantasy Cricket

While there is no doubt that sports’ popularity varies from country to country, fantasy cricket is unquestionably the most popular sport in India. India’s long history of success in international cricket following independence is the source of the sport’s widespread appeal in India. Whether it be the 20-over T20 format or the 5-day Test format, cricket is a national obsession in this country. And the nicest thing about fantasy cricket is that anyone can participate in it, even those who don’t have access to actual cricket fields. Following are a few reasons fantasy cricket reigns supreme over any other sport.

1. A Way To Demonstrate Cricket Expertise

We’ve all run against annoying people who wrongly think they know more about cricket than they do. Therefore, fantasy cricket presents a chance to silence them. People can showcase their cricket knowledge on a platform provided by Fantasy Cricket. Furthermore, an accurate match prediction can be made very effectively using trustworthy statistics.

2. Lesser Penetration Of Other Games

There are other sports played publicly in India besides cricket. India currently has seven active sports leagues, including ones for football, badminton, and kabaddi. But unlike the Indian T20 league, which stands out as India’s oldest continuously operating sports league, most are still in their infancy. The appeal of the remaining clubs among fantasy sports players is further impacted by the fact that they attract substantially fewer spectators than the others.

3. The Excitement Of The Leagues Is Increased

The leagues are fun because of the format, unpredictable nature of the game, string of boundaries, and flash-bang style of cricket, among other things. However, playing fantasy cricket makes the experience more thrilling. There is much to get thrilled about when there is a fantasy team besides the actual sport.

4. Helps Stay in tune with Current Cricket Trends

A true cricket enthusiast keeps up with the changes in the sport continuously. Cricket fans are interested in staying current on all new information related to player substitutions, game rules, or new cricket regulations. Through the gaming of fantasy cricket, fans can stay current on all recent happenings in the cricketing globe.

Players can test their skills, maintain focus, and receive rewards by forming teams with real people in an exciting and challenging atmosphere provided by fantasy gaming environments. Due to some of these intriguing points that users can accumulate with the aid of applications like Dream11, fantasy cricket games have gained quite a bit of popularity among Indians as a whole.

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