New Security Features on the Latest Telegram Messenger Update

Last month, Telegram Messenger introduced several valuable features, including the date bar, shared media pages, and much more. The company has released an update that includes protected content, Delete By Date, anonymous posting, global chat themes, and many more features to enhance the user experience overall in the messenger app.


After being updated to the latest version, groups, and channel managers will now be in a position to safeguard the content that is being used. They can block message forwarding within their chat. This also blocks screenshots and restricts the ability to delete media from postings. The app doesn’t want to gamble with the security of its users like they were in a casino online.

With the ‘Delete messages by Date option, users can delete chat history for the specific date or day period in any chat one-on-one. The app also gives the user complete control and access to their chat information.

Start the Telegram application, click on a chat session, and click the calendar bar, which appears while you scroll through the chat. Select the days you want to remove.

Users can now delete their history using dates only for one-to-one chats. However, any messages sent in a conversation may be automatically deleted at the end of a week, day, or even a month after the sending.

The update will allow users to anonymize comments on forums like Telegram Public Channels. This can help safeguard the identity of users and prevent abuse or threats from users who use the platform.

Telegram has also added eight brand new global chat themes that were previously only available on iOS but are now available on the Android version. The themes are all available in two modes: dark and light.

For the iOS version, Telegram brings Text Recognition (Live Text) for photos included in Telegram chats. With this function, people can quickly copy, select, and search without touching the keyboard. This feature of image recognition is entirely handled by the device.

Additionally, Telegram allows all possible formatting options for text in media captions, including hyperlinks to text. Further, Groups, Contacts, and Channels have updated information pages with a brand new design in sync with the latest iOS 15 update.

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