Top 10 Myths about Rhinoplasty / Nose Job Surgery

1. It is a simple procedure.

Rhinoplasty is certainly not an easy procedure. Since it is to do with altering the nose, which is a central part of the face, it requires great precision and care. When it comes to specific parts of the nose, such as the bridge and the tip, it is necessary to note that the alteration of one cannot be done without affecting the other. It is also important for the surgeon to ensure that the surgery does not alter any symmetry between the nose and the face.

Nose Job Surgery

2. Rhinoplasty is covered by insurance

Rhinoplasty is only covered by medical insurance if the surgery’s purpose is to fix a functional problem such as a deviated septum or collapsed nostril. Surgeries that are carried out for aesthetic purposes are not covered by insurance.

3. Rhinoplasty surgeries leave effects that are visible to the naked eye

Rhinoplasty surgeries are only visible to the naked eye when done badly by amateur or inexperienced surgeons. When procedures are done right, the change complements the appearance of the person and does not look unnatural or fake

4. Rhinoplasty can give me any nose I desire

No matter your expectations, it is impossible for surgeons to give you the exact nose you desire, especially if your face structure is not suited to it. Bear in mind that what suits one person may not necessarily suit the next

5. All plastic surgeons can do rhinoplasty surgeries

Not every doctor who is a plastic surgeon can operate on delicate parts such as the nose. For the right results, you must go to an individual who has specialized training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as only they will be aware of the intricacies involved in the functioning of the nose

6. Rhinoplasty surgeries need to be redone in the future

In most cases, rhinoplasty surgeries are a one-off procedure. However, some cases may need revision surgeries because of the delicate skin that is being operated on. Additionally, every individual’ unique ways and duration to cope also contributes to the number of revision surgeries

7. Rhinoplasty is only for the rich

This is one of the most popular misconceptions out there. Several rhinoplasty surgeries are available even below $50,000. Additionally, there are ways to opt for payment plans that allow a gradual payment of the total amount

8. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is only for extremely vain people

Most individuals who seek cosmetic rhinoplasty are doing so to deal with their issues of self-esteem and confidence, which may be a result of years of bullying and not as a means to base their interactions with people around their own appearance

9. The desire for a new nose will fade with age and time

If you dislike your nose’s appearance today, the dislike will never completely fade as you grow. While your desire for a new nose may increase or decrease over time, it will never fully fade.

10 Anaesthesia is dangerous

This is yet another common misconception about rhinoplasty. General anesthesia is an extremely safe way to put patients to sleep when the procedure is carried out.

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