10 Minute Beauty Routine For Getting Ready In a Hurry

Not all of us have the luxury of taking a full hour or two to look like a movie star. Between errands, family, social life, and to-do’s, life can be one big rush hour. Therefore, we can’t always look our best even though we might like a private makeup artist and hairstylist.

There are a few basic tips, however, for making yourself look good on a time crunch. Here are the basics for when you only have 10 minutes to spare.

Style Your Hair

Your hair is something that you should deal with first. Even with a full face of makeup and a fabulous outfit, your hair will throw off your entire look if it looks like you just got out of bed. Therefore, make it a priority to grab a styling tool before you do anything. A few curls with a curling iron or a few strokes with a flattening iron should give it at least a little life.

Make sure that it is brushed and not flying all over the place, and depending on your hair type; you may want to add some texturizer or a dash of hairspray. If your hair is beyond being fixed with a few strokes or sprays, you may want to keep a handful of hair ties handy and throw your hair in a ponytail or bun. You can use a few bobby pins for flyaway coats.


Under Eye Concealer

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Therefore, if you are exhausted, your eyes will give you away. This is where the power of concealer comes in as a tool to make you look more alive and alert.

Using your ring finger, apply an inverted V shape under your eyes, dabbing lightly. Make sure to blend so that you don’t look like a raccoon. Using cheap drugstore concealer doesn’t do you any favors since these formulas tend to stick to your creases and cake on your skin in unflattering ways, which can only enhance your tired-looking eyes. Instead, buy a mid-level or top-quality concealer that will blend and make you look younger instead of more tired.

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Mascara and Liner

At this point, you have probably reached the 6-minute mark. So, time is of the essence. Grab a waterproof mascara and start making long strokes on your eyelashes, focusing on the length instead of volume. No one wants or needs to look like you have tarantulas in your eyes.

After applying the mascara, take an easy-to-use liquid liner and make a small cat eye at the tip of your eyes, making your eyes appear more open and slanted. This will open up your eyes and make you appear as if you have put in a lot more effort than you have.


To finish things off, use light pink or red lipstick and lightly apply. Voila! You have just made yourself fabulous in under 10 minutes.

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