4 Quick Survey Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying an apartment or a home is a big decision for anyone. Even if it is your second or third home, and this is not your first time buying a home, it is also tough to make some decisions. Home buying is even tougher for first-time buyers because of the sheer decision-making skills involved in the whole process.

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If you are a prospective home buyer, and if this is not your first time, you need to understand why it is essential for a home to have an accurate and current survey paper.

If you are a first-time land survey is a legal document showing the precise boundary lines and the structures around them. It helps a new buyer understand the house’s bond and how much it can be used.

This article will talk about some tips that will help you understand why it is so important to have a survey.

Determine Property Boundaries

For all of us, buying a home is like ticking something off from the to-do list. It is like a dream come true; hence, we sometimes experiment with our home. For instance, adding a swimming pool or a room towards the external side of the house. To do this, you must have a well-defined understanding of your boundary walls or how much you can use.
A well-defined current survey will help you know how much land is yours and how much you can use for construction.

Resolve Neighbor Disputes

Sometimes your neighbors can try to infringe on your property, either mistakenly or purposefully. At these times, having a survey that defines your boundaries distinctly will help greatly. For instance, if your neighbor is constructing a new driveway, a patio, or a deck, and you think they are using up your property line, you can consult the survey and ensure they infringe on your property. If they do so, you can take the legal bodies’ help to resolve these issues.

But, if you don’t have a current survey at your disposal, it might be tough for you to speak for yourself since it proves to convey for you, and a survey is a proof that they are infringing.
Not having a proper survey can lead to legal disputes and unnecessary expenses.

Identify Regulations on Your Property

Now, sometimes there come new regulations and guidelines for your area, which on the other hand, sometimes prohibit one from using his property. The local authorities issue these guidelines; hence, they should be abided by always. So, for instance, if the city authorities have covered your neighborhood as a floodplain area, and your backyard falls under that area, you can’t extend into your backyard. So, you can’t construct anything in your backyard for a specific period.
A proper survey helps you identify whether these guidelines or regulations fall under your property.

Determine Right of Way and Easements

The law provides a way to use your neighbor’s property in some cases, called the Right of Ways. The survey defines the right of the way your neighbors can use your property in some cases. For instance, sometimes drainage easements need to pass through neighbors to ensure the sewage treatment is at the right places. A proper land survey helps you to understand these easements and the right of way.

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