3 Ways to Determine the Market Value of Your Commercial Property

As we go about our daily lives, we make several decisions about many things every second. A few of them would be whether to move left or right to avoid an oncoming pedestrian, whether to wear the black tie or the white one with your blue button-up, or how to get that guy in the cubicle next to you to notice you exist and possibly ask you out.

These are simple decisions that most of us make without much effort. Then, there are the harder questions. How much should I ask when selling this property, and how do I determine its worth? Below are three suggestions that may help you figure out the answers to those questions and make them much simpler decisions than they seem.

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How Does It Compare?

When you go to buy a used car, there are a few things you keep in mind. How many miles does it have on it? Has it ever been involved in a motor vehicle crash? Was it well taken care of by the former owners, and how does it compare at a price to all the other cars of its make and model with the same qualities?

Measuring commercial property value through this process, also referred to as using comparables, is a process most often used in real estate. It determines the value of a home by comparing it to those who exhibit similar traits and have sold recently.


Things like how old the home is and if it has had to be renovated or built onto are considered compared to like properties. Then based on the findings, the price of the home is set. It will, in all likelihood, mimic area prices. property taxes.Law is a great place to get more info.

Income Method

One of the many things, and certainly one of the most important, you might consider when going into any business is how much that business is projected to make. If it is real estate you are selling, you will consider how much of a rent payment or mortgage would be appropriate for the area. Maybe you decide to go into the toy store business.

You will want to figure out if the building you are considering for the base of operations is in a suitable location and if the demand for your product, toys, in this case, will be high or low. These things will help you to know whether the purchase of the property is worth it. This way, you will determine the worth of a property by calculating the income expected to be generated by the equity.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace It?

Let’s face it. Things happen. Hurricanes blow up without warning, random cars run right off the road and through your front door, and disgruntled employees tend to make your dreams become nightmares by testing the limits of your corporate pocketbook with the trail of damage they can leave behind.

Replacing or rebuilding your company can cost thousands, sometimes millions. The dollar amount attached to the restoration of your company can also be used to determine its value if you decide to sell it in the future.

Looking to buy or sell commercial property? Make sure to refer to this list of possible ways to determine the value of anything you lay your eyes on.

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