Fun and Practical Tablet Apps for Seniors

Traditionally, we associate generation with the more youthful technology, but older adults are especially gifted with several modern eras. For example, fifty-nine% of Americans aged sixty-five and above go online, and seventy-seven% of this population use cell phones.

  • In truth, 23% of this population actively play video games using cell phones, computer systems, or gaming structures.
  • Not most effective do these figures suggest considerable era use, but the numbers are also persevering to develop.
  • In unique, drugs are an example of a contemporary era that many seniors can use successfully.

The period pill refers to touchscreen-primarily based computer systems that tend to be mild without transportable problems. Despite numerous others, the iPad is one of the more well-known examples.

Because they are a computer, pills have their operating gadget and can run various programs (apps), including many distinctive video games.

Tablets can also range from a screen size of around five inches to as much as 10 inches, with display screen sizes from 7 to 10 inches being the most commonplace.

Most pills will run either an Apple or an Android working system. Many apps could be present within the stores for both sorts of tablets. However, some will handiest be supplied by one of the stores. Most of the apps I’m discussing here are present in each store, and I specify the cases where this isn’t always proper.

Those devices’ contact display screen interface tends to be particularly easy for seniors to study, and many of them tend to pick up on what to do without problems. Larger drugs work nicely for seniors, mainly people with bad eyesight, as these have large font sizes, and the onscreen buttons tend to be larger.

Many people try to find exceptional Apple or Android apps for seniors, but with such many alternatives obtainable, it could be a pretty puzzling project.


For caregivers and seniors, tablets may be attractive in some methods.

One essential element is that the games on drugs can preserve seniors’ mentally energetic, particularly as some video games may be tough. Research has indicated that cognitive interest may be one key component in helping to decrease the poor effects of growing older on cognition. Another appeal is that pill video games can give seniors something to do with their spare time, keeping them entertained and engaged.

With so many special types of games to be had for pills, you must be able to find games that work for any senior with a bit of looking. This can be especially vital for caregivers who want a little ruin.

In a few cases, pill apps can even maintain seniors socially engaged, as a few games permit more than one online player or guide conversation among people. Likewise, seniors might also play the same games as one another, presenting them with the risk of talking to every different approximately video game.


As you may anticipate, there’s a chunk of gaining knowledge of the curve with drugs.

Some seniors could pick up the way to use tablets and games easily. Others will want more teaching.

The most important factor that you could need to educate seniors is the basics of interacting with a pill.

Tablets use contact monitors, which can be easy to apprehend. However, seniors want to discover ways to contact the screen to get the preferred final results and study their moves’ influences on the tool.

Seniors often learn how to use the touch display screen distinctly without difficulty. However, they might also now and again find specific tasks challenging.

For example, one aged girl I understand can use a tablet for several games without help but still has trouble unlocking the tablet.

Likewise, you could locate that you must educate some ideas a few times.

Some seniors may be able to figure out games intuitively, but others may also need to be taught how to play specific games. This may be a count number of sitting down with them and stepping them through any new recreation they start.

You will discern this at the day’s stop on a case-by-case basis. As seniors get better at the use of drugs, you will locate that they select new video games more without problems and want less assistance in fashionable.


The range of apps and games for capsules can be daunting.

For example, some categories encompass puzzle, word, casual, card, and board games – and that is not even counting the more practical apps, like audiobook players and eBook readers.

This can be overwhelming even if you best discover a few appropriate apps. The tips in this text come from speaking to seniors and their families and looking online to determine which apps are most suitable for seniors.

While many seniors can play any recreation, the emphasis here is on distinctly clean apps to pick out and analyze – to accommodate seniors who might also war with some factors of using a tablet.

This put-up will present several different amusements and realistic apps for Android and Apple gadgets and additionally talk about the numerous functions that make a few apps more suitable than others for the senior for your circle of relatives. All apps mentioned are unfastened unless otherwise noted.

While numerous apps are obtainable, this listing can be a terrific leaping factor for getting seniors into capsules.


Angry Birds Rio (for Apple and Android) is a puzzle game. However, the easy controls and fun pictures make it an excellent choice for seniors. The basic aim of the sport is to use a slingshot and knock down homes, and there are many other video games within the Angry Birds range, and they may be all quite comparable. As with many video games, this app is hit or miss; some seniors will like it, and others won’t be involved in any respect.

Farmville 2: Country Escape (for Apple and Android) is a farm game emphasizing developing vegetation and getting cash. Farmville has attracted big audiences through Facebook, and this unique app is Farmville’s tablet supply. It is a game that calls for the method of reading and making plans, so it may not be appropriate for all seniors. However, I know several seniors who revel in the sport, just like how it maintains their thinking. Additionally, this recreation has a social detail, allowing players to join a co-op, wherein they can assist and chat with each other. I’ve visible players get so stuck up in the chat that they slightly contact the rest of the sport.

Peggle Blast (for Apple and Android) is tough to explain. However, the sport includes using a ball to knock out pegs. Peggle seems complicated initially, but the joke is easy to pick out, and maybe a variety of a laugh without being perplexing. Peggle Blast is the loose version of the game and has in-app purchases. The authentic sport and its sequel (Peggle and Peggle Nights) are also on Android and Apple. However, these versions’ buying prices are higher in the long run.

The Sims Freeplay (for Apple and Android) is a version of the Sims franchise, even though most seniors probably have not heard of the franchise. This is an assignment-primarily based sport wherein customers construct families and send characters (Sims) on obligations. It calls for less method than Farmville. However, both video games require awaiting duties to complete. This is a common method in many comparable games and makes for relaxing sports play, where you set it up and return later.


Block Puzzle (for Android) is a puzzle sport in which users must shape blocks within a form. It is simple to apprehend but can get tough as humans develop through the game. While this precise app appears to be Android simplest, many similar apps exist in Android and Apple stores.

Clevermind ($2.99 for Apple) is specifically designed for human beings with Alzheimer’s ailments. It includes more than a few capabilities for amusement, including video games, trivialities, and a magazine. Additionally, the app lets in for voice interplay and can be used to browse the net in a greater user-friendly manner.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (for Apple and Android) is a great pill choice for puzzles, although numerous similar apps are obtainable. Jigsaw puzzles are a great alternative for seniors, and doing them at the pill is a less complicated option than taking up the living room with a puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a free app that includes many puzzles. Users can pick out how many pieces their puzzle is (from 4 to 400) and whether or not the parts of the puzzle can rotate. More puzzles may be bought from the in-sport keep, but the unfastened puzzles have to ultimate most customers for the long term.

Word Search Puzzles (for Apple and Android) are among many phrases seek apps. It has huge textual content and is simple to apply, making it a good choice for seniors. However, it does not have a setting for the issue, so it may not work for each person.

Words With Friends (for Apple and Android) is a flip-based social game like Scrabble. The game’s social element comes from how you play against other humans, taking turns with them. The sport also allows you to talk to the human beings you are gambling against, which can be done properly if seniors are betting against buddies. The free model has advertisements, which may be an ache. However, the social aspect of the game may be attractive to seniors.


Kindle (for Apple and Android) is an example of an eBook reader, even though many apps have similar capabilities. Kindle can be an excellent desire, as shopping for books via the app (or online) is particularly easy, and the expenses are often affordable. In truth, you can buy Kindle apps from Amazon Keep. Most apps for eBook studying have alternatives to make the e-book less complicated to study, which include increasing font size or altering the contrast. Using this form of the app can be a wonderful way for seniors to read, and the app allows you to make any e-book into a large print book.

Audible (for Apple and Android) is one among many apps for gambling audiobooks. As with Kindle, this app makes it clear to buy books, and each Kindle and Audible are tied into Amazon. The books can be a bit on the luxurious side. However, Audible gives a monthly plan that offers users one audiobook in step within a month and 30% off all other audiobooks. This is a tremendous option for seniors who’ve problem reading (or do not want to).

Although its membership is primarily based ($ 7. Ninety-nine/month), Netflix is the first-rate way for seniors to watch movies and tv shows. Its competitor Hulu is also an excellent alternative ($ 7. Ninety-nine/month for Hulu Plus, free for simple Hulu), as Hulu frequently has greater classic shows than Netflix offers. If you have a network subscription, you can get the right to entry to different apps, like HBO Go, which permit you to stream content from particular networks. Both of these apps are for Apple and Android gadgets.


Big Launcher ($10.00 for Android) creates a new domestic screen for Android gadgets which much larger icons. This can beautify readability for seniors who warfare to peer icons on devices, especially on smaller devices. A demo version of the app is also to be had. This is one of the few Apple or Android apps for seniors designed especially for this population, with CleverMind (above) being the other.


We’ve talked about some of the specific apps here. However, we’ve most effectively scratched the floor.

Both Apple and Android have giant shops constantly updated with new apps. In this approach, the options for Apple and Android apps for seniors are infinite.


One of the first things to examine while choosing apps is to discover the form of the app the senior may additionally experience.

For instance, some seniors enjoy video games, even as others experience apps that challenge them mentally.

Knowing the kind (or kinds) of an app to search for will let you decide what you want. This may take trial and error and persistence.

Additionally, if you realize the form of an app, you could regularly use the search function within the shop itself to locate what you are searching for. For instance, you could select ‘card games’ or ‘phrase seeks’, listing apps underneath these phrases. The method is not particular, as it’s miles looking for words in the app’s identity, but it works well for fashionable classes of apps.

You also can look at categories and subcategories of apps.

For example, within the Google Play store (Android’s app shop), video games are one class, and a number of its subcategories include board, card, informal, puzzle, and phrase.

When deciding on apps, the celebrity rating can also demonstrate app quality.

Typically four or five famous person apps are worth attempting even as anything three stars or underneath is questionable.

In many instances, though, it can be a case of downloading and trying apps.

I do not suggest this for paid apps, but there is a large range of free apps inside the app stores that you can pick from.


Many seniors can be confined in what apps they can experience because of physical or intellectual issues.

Thinking approximately these barriers let you figure out what styles of apps might be most acceptable to them.

For example, seniors with problems with their eyesight might benefit from audiobooks instead of eBooks. Seniors who’ve failing hearing can use a headset with the tablet (which makes things much less worrying for you too). This makes it less difficult for them to pay attention to what happens.

From a mental perspective, some seniors will warfare with games that are complicated mentally, even as others may not have difficulty.

This manner that you can search for video games that can be easy to play.

This is mainly for humans with dementia, as they could become pissed off without difficulty. Yet, they can experience simple video games. For example, one examination determined that bingo should increase mental functioning in individuals with Alzheimer’s.

Other styles of video games that could work include puzzle games, easy-matching games, and games like the Clevermind app I discussed in advance.

As a gift, a few apps to be had that have been specifically advanced for seniors. However, this is converting. Research is beginning to cognizance of developing games for seniors. Hopefully, this means that extra rounds will be had in the future.

Nevertheless, a few games designed for different age corporations suit seniors.

Certainly, seniors can revel in video games on drugs, even though their talent stages can range dramatically.

For instance, an elderly lady, I understand, plays Angry Birds because the controls are rather smooth. Although she enjoys the sport, she doesn’t completely recognize the physics or approach in the back of it, so she ends up repeating levels regularly.

In the evaluation, my dad has dementia but can still play blackjack online (quite efficiently, too, I would possibly upload), surprising the family. It must be due to years spent playing blackjack in real casinos – but it strongly indicates that seniors can be greater than we imagine.


Many pill games use a model referred to as freemium.

This means that the sport itself is unfastened. However, some matters inside it may cost a little. A common example is items to hurry up time in video games like The Sims Freeplay and Farmville Country Escape.

If this is likely an issue, it’s possible to turn off in-app buying to your tool to ensure no one spends cash in games by accident.

Alternatively, you can ensure apps always ask for passwords while purchasing.

You will also discover a few free video games that assist themselves via ads – which may get traumatic speedy.

In some cases, you could pay to have the advertisements eliminated. However, not all video games help this.

I’ve located that in standard, paid video games are often higher because they aren’t trying as difficult to get cash out of users (they already were given paid while you bought the game). So, if you discover a paid recreation with precise evaluations that appears promising, do not write it off simply because of its expenses.


Most video games that seniors will play on tablets aren’t particularly intensive in phrases of photographs or processing energy.

Because of this, getting an excellent tablet for a senior mustn’t be a high-priced investment.

You can get one as a hand-me-down when you have technically-minded people in your prolonged circle of relatives.

For example, I understand a couple who lately upgraded to newer and faster pills for private use.

Their preceding capsules ended up being proficient to their mothers. This supplied a splendid advent into pills for seniors without costing anyone any money.

Most of the apps discussed here can also be observed for Android and Apple smartphones. Smartphones tend to have a much smaller display screen, so they aren’t suitable for all seniors, but they provide an alternative to drugs for seniors with accurate eyesight.


Tablets can be a brilliant way of keeping seniors entertained, so many distinct apps are available.

In this put up, I’ve targeted mostly apps that I have enjoyed and features seen seniors using, but there are much more obtainable. If you have different thoughts about apps for seniors, please allow me to recognize them in the comments below.

More than whatever, the trick to finding the ideal apps for seniors is to interact with them through the choice technique.

This will allow you to see what they are most interested in and what games they participate in.

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