Things NOT to Do When Playing Blackjack

One can use many tips and tricks when playing Blackjack online. However, they might not always work to the player’s advantage since any casino establishment would be well aware of such techniques. Here are some of the essential ones that you should be careful about.

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Insurance Betting

An insurance bet in Blackjack is allowed when the dealer’s face-up card is drawn as an Ace.

When this happens, the player can place half of the wager as insurance against the dealer, drawing a card with the value of 10 and winning. If the dealer draws a ten and gets a Blackjack, the player receives a payout of 2-1 on the insurance bet’s value.

However, the downside is that you lose your original bet, and the round ends. Should the dealer not get a Blackjack following the insurance bet placement, the player loses their insurance money, and the round goes on. Based on statistics, players who place insurance bets are more likely to fail than win, and as such, any net win will be reduced.

Hand Splitting in Blackjack

Splitting your hand is possible when the player receives two cards of equal value; they can break the cards and place another bet with their newly formed stake. Some online Blackjack games allow the splitting of ten-value cards with different ranks.

Sounds great. Well, some seasoned casino players would advise you to think again. If you had the opportunity, would you split your hand with two jack cards? No, as breaking the hand with two jacks would weaken your hand significantly. Therefore, you would also avoid it with an unevenly ranked hand.

By remembering these top two things to avoid while playing Blackjack at a land-based or an online casino, you will be on track to staying in the black all night long.

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