Pros and Cons of Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather living room furniture is a beautiful addition to your home. It has a relatively sleek and elegant appeal that other fabric sofas and furniture can’t pull off. If you put a leather sofa and a fabric sofa side by side, it’s no surprise you’d select the leather option.

Without a doubt, the style of leather furniture is more appealing than other material types. But is choosing a leather sofa more practical and smart? Read on as we tell you the pros and cons of leather living room sofas, chairs, and other furniture items.

How Long Does Leather Furniture Last?

Leather is undoubtedly one of the most durable materials. Depending on the type of leather you choose, each has its life span. For instance, bonded leather may differ from genuine leather regarding durability.

Bonded leather refers to scraps of genuine leather. These are then put together on a sheet of fibrous backing. While it may not look real, this is the closest one can get to classy, stylish, genuine leather that is less expensive.

On the other hand, genuine leather is the most durable of all types. This can generally last a lifetime without any issues.

Pros and Cons of Leather Furniture

Choosing a leather sofa can spruce up your space. Aside from the fact that it gives you every bang for your buck, leather also comes with many benefits. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of leather furniture.


  • It is perfect for those with allergies as it doesn’t invite dust mites and other allergens compared to a fabric sofa.
  • Leather has an exceptional sheen that is unlike any other type of sofa. However, homeowners must rub it down to maintain the shine. And one advantage of having a high-quality leather sofa is that it’s easy to clean. Give it a few minutes of light dusting every week, and you’re good to go.
  • Perfect complementary elements. Since it has monochromatic or neutral colors, it’s straightforward to decorate any home style.
  • Colors will not fade easily. Compared to other upholstery furniture items and materials, the leather color doesn’t fade. You can have liquid spills on it, and the paint remains unchanged. Plus, it doesn’t easily get stained whenever you spill something. And if you do, giving it a good wipe can clean the couch in an instant.
  • Leather cushions are firmer compared to fabric cushions. This is extremely helpful, especially if you have lower back problems, keeping you upright.
  • Looks modern and updated. Having leather products in your space gives the impression that it’s always updated. Since leather looks sleek and fashionable, this trend will always stand the test of time.


  • More expensive. Leather furniture is undeniably more expensive than fabric products.
  • Doesn’t provide a vibrant appeal. This sofa material typically comes in brown, black, or white. Although they come in various shades, this type will never offer fun, popping colors.
  • These products are more prone to cuts and damage from sharp objects. Your coach acts as the primary seating item in your space. And when you have children or pets, leather can be hard to protect from sharp objects or pet paws.
  • Although leather is water-resistant, spills and stains left on the surface for long periods may damage the quality and color over time.
  • Warmer to sit on. Having this type of couch may not be good for areas prone to hot weather conditions. That’s because leather can absorb the heat from the sun and can be quite sticky to sit on when mixed with sweat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, leather might be more expensive, but it makes your living space more unique. They are classy and sleek design elements, but they will also cater to family generations. If you’re looking for more furniture items, check out Furniture Outlet‘s variety of home furnishings.

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