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New Block Puzzle Game

Blockudoku – Now Available On Google Play

Are you looking for a new block puzzle game for your Android device? Do you need a new addiction to pour all of your time into? With over 140,890 positive reviews on Android devices, this up-and-coming block puzzle game gave it a perfect five-star rating. Consider BlockuDoku next time you browse the Google Play Store.

Block Puzzle Game

How To Play

This slow-paced puzzle game app gives you plenty of time to consider your next move. Take your time! Don’t go too fast, or that move may be your last…

Think of a classic sudoku 9×9 board. Each time you get three random polygon pieces composed of squares to fill in the 9×9 board using one or more yards. It’s your job to strategically place these shapes on the board without running out of space!

Keep the game going by “destroying” blocks. The only way to do this is to complete a straight line of nine blocks or a 3×3 cube of blocks. Play your “blocks” right, and the game can continue forever! That’s how it’s so addictive.

Special Features

This block puzzle game has a simple, modern feel and design. Playing this game taps into the zen, problem-solving, and addicting fun parts of the brain. Although it’s a challenge to the mind, you can chill out with this relaxing gameplay experience. Quick reminder: There are no time limits!

  • Challenging goals: Try to beat your high score and compete against friends.
  • Combos: Strategically place shapes to set yourself up for an even higher score!
  • Streaks allow you to maximize your points as well.
  • Customizable: Choose between a minimalist look or a wooden block puzzle look.
  • Free download: This game is free for Android devices!
  • One-Of-A-Kind: The only app mixing block games with sudoku.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t rush! Take your time and try to think a step ahead to obtain the highest score and keep the game going for longer. The game ends when you fill up too many squares and can’t make any more moves.

It would help if you considered filling a whole 9-square line or 3×3 cube of squares to clear them from the board with every move.

Make things interesting by taking your strategy to another level: find the difficult balance between getting streaks /combos and clearing the squares quickly enough to keep the game going!

Why Choose BlockuDoku?

This block puzzle game is a unique mix between the classic mind-bender sudoku and the block slider games that have become popular in recent years. Like other successful strategy games, BlockuDoku appeals to the addictive nature of the human mind. This game will allow you to pass the time in a relaxing but productive way. Flex your brain to achieve the highest score among your friends!

Download BlockuDoku to your Android device for free today! You won’t be able to put it down once you do.

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