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How To Register For MediaTek Smartphone Design Training?

Your search for the best smartphone Click here to apply.


But Did You Take A Note Of Other Key Details?

Here are some other details that you might want to know:

Hands-On Or Academic

One of the most important aspects of this training is that it is completely focused on imparting you the knowledge and skills required to execute the hardware projects successfully. You will gain the knowledge of smartphone design, fabrication knowledge, and will things hands-on. The training will equip you to choose the key components of the handset. You’ll also learn how to solve the interconnection of the key components. Besides, you’ll also gain the knowledge of production, testing that will enhance the manufacturing efficiency. After the training, you might be managing the hardware projects, and there will be a supporting the team as well, so you must have good communication skills. In training, you’ll get the necessary soft-skills to better communicate with the team.


You might also be concerned about the relevance. Once you have clarity on the key topics that will get covered in the course, you might be more at ease:

  • Mobile phone market segmentation & positioning
  • Digital & Analog Design
  • RF & Wireless Connectivity
  • Audio & Camera Tuning
  • Power consumption & thermal design
  • Certification & regulation
  • BSP driver
  • Case Studies


The training will be conducted for 9 weeks duration and will be conducted in two parts. The first part will be for the six-week duration in which you’ll learn about the fundamentals. In this duration, you’ll get the training remotely and mostly on Fridays. The second part of the training will take place in Taiwan for 3-weeks. In this part, you’ll create your designs and test them as well in the special labs.

Opportunity Not Be Missed!

The training offers a great opportunity to design smartphones in the most exciting market in the world. So can you overlook such an opportunity? Register now.

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