Learn to Use Joker Card Expertly and Win the Rummy Game

When you draw a monthly budget, you allocate funds for specific expenses, and then you keep aside funds that can be utilized for anything you want. A joker card functions like a fund that you can use for anything in a classic rummy game. It can be dubbed as a rescue card. Let us explain the use of joker in detail. A typical pack of cards has 52 suit cards. There are two additional ‘joker’ cards, i.e., having a joker’s print on it. A regular card is then picked from the draw pile (before the players begin to play), which functions as a Joker, along with the two printed-joker cards.


A joker is a wild card and a substitute for regular suit cards. Just knowing the purpose of a joker cannot give you a win. You need to learn the skill of utilizing this card expertly to emerge as a winner. Before you learn the tricks of using a joker card expertly in Indian rummy, let us inform you that you cannot be a winner if you do not form a pure sequence. Thus, even if you have a joker, make sure to make at least one pure sequence.

Here are few tips to make use of joker the best at helping lay Rummy online.

Add With High-Value Cards

If you are unsure of high-value cards, you can either discard those or wait for the right card to create a set or sequence. Or rather, you can add a joker with those and reduce your points. You may choose the latter and prevent yourself from unnecessarily wasting turns in discarding and picking new cards to do away with or match with high-value cards. You can use the turns to concentrate on grouping other cards instead.

Group Cards Already

So, have you received a joker? If yes, then at the very start, you can group other cards with it. By melding joker in the group of cards, you keep the points in check. You also come to know which cards can stay and which can be discarded. In online rummy, in case of technical problems or power-cut, melded joker’s technique will give you lesser points.

Plan Sets and Not Use the Joker Right Away

This is the opposite of the above-mentioned technique. In such a technique, you do not form sets right after the cards are dealt. Instead, you wait to check for an open joker card before planning your sets. By doing so, you lower the risk of discarding important cards and draw cards that you may need.

Get Rid of Cards around an Open Joker

Try to discards the adjacent cards around the open joker. For instance, if you have 5 hearts as the open joker, you may want to discard 3,4,6,7 hearts. This strategy is adopted by most of the rummy players, as they do not wish to waste the joker by utilizing it as regular cards. But there have been instances when a joker alone could create a pure sequence, and as you know, a pure sequence is a must to win a 13 card rummy game either offline or online.

The dilemma of Too Many Jokers

Did you get too many jokers? You must be elated! If you have more than two jokers, it is best to group them separately so that you can focus on making sets and sequences without them. Sometimes, having too many jokers can reduce the chances of forming the much-needed pure sequence. You may be hesitant about discarding jokers, but if there are too many of them, discarding a joker is not a bad option since the opponents cannot pick discarded jokers.

A joker card can increase your winning chances, as it holds power to turn the tables and make a probable loser a winner of the match. By following the pointers suggested above, you can use the joker wisely.

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