3 Tips to Fulfill Shopify Store Orders With Shopify Fulfillment App

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, a lot of e-commerce sellers are making money from it. Because of this, global developers have developed a variety of apps for it. The Shopify fulfillment app is one of them. It is a kind of plug-in with the core function of achieving data synchronization between the fulfillment company’s system and the Shopify store, which can automatically help the e-commerce sellers fulfill orders.

Shopify Fulfillment App

Why install the Shopify Shopify order fulfillment integration by ChinaDivision can make the fulfillment seamless, hassle-free, and efficient.

Seamless. A qualified Shopify fulfillment app’s basic feature is one-click data sync, which normally includes synchronizing Shopify store SKUs/orders to the fulfillment partner’s system and synchronizing shipping information back to the Shopify store. By reducing manual operation times, Shopify fulfillment apps can make the fulfillment more seamless.

Hassle-free. Instead of manually transferring new paid orders to your supplier/fulfillment partner, Shopify fulfillment integration will automatically generate orders in your fulfillment partner’s system and fulfill the orders automatically. This saves all the hassles and makes you pay more attention to your core business.

Efficient. Without typing and uploading all the item SKUs, order details, shipping information, Shopify fulfillment apps can make your order fulfillment process efficient. More than that, your fulfillment partner will receive the orders once the buyer placed them; this also saves a lot of processing time.


Tips to use Shopify fulfillment app.

Sync orders in real-time, fulfill them in batches. If you set the app configuration correctly, the orders will be synchronized to the fulfillment system as soon as someone placed them. To avoid the confusion and handling errors caused by continuous new orders, it’s better to set a time point for your fulfillment partner and let them only fulfill the orders generated between two points. For example, process the orders placed before 18:00 on the same day and fulfill the other orders the next day, even when placed at 18:01. This is particularly suitable for dealing with the flood of orders in peak season, and you can adjust the frequency according to your order amount.

Monitor the inventory. If your products are sourced from China, you can try to use China Warehouse by ChinaDivision for free for 3 months. The data sync feature provided by the Shopify fulfillment integration includes inventory updates as well. For example, after a buyer paid for 3 items, the purchased 3 will be subtracted from the inventory. This simplifies inventory management and makes it possible to control your inventory in real-time. Choosing a Shopify fulfillment service provider not only avoids the sale but also makes your inventory replenishment can be just in time, even in holiday seasons.

Sync shipping status every day. Since order fulfillment is a complicated and sustained process, fulfillment service providers normally process the orders in batches and update the order status centrally. To send the tracking number to the buyers in time and know the real-time conditions, it’s recommended to sync the shipping information every 24 hours. If the order status is not changed after a reasonable period or something goes wrong in the data sync process, remember to contact your Shopify fulfillment provider as soon as possible.

If you need other shopping cart order fulfillment software, such as Magento, eBay, open cart, and so on, visit order fulfillment software.

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