When It’s A Good Idea To Refinancing Or Get A Renovation Loan

When it comes to needing extra money when you own a home, there are a few reasons you may be in need. Most of the time, it’s because you want to make some upgrades to your home. However, people have been known to refinance to get a lower interest rate.

One of the worst reasons, for most people anyway, to get a second mortgage on your home is to use that money for other debts. Unless this has been recommended to you by a financial professional, you’re probably better off not doing it. Swapping one debt for another isn’t really a good idea.

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You Need A New Roof

However, if your home needs a new roof, you may want to find a way to get some extra money for house repairs. The sooner you get this issue is taken care of, the better because, the worse your roof gets, the more work you’re going to need to get done. If you live in an area with harsh winter, get your roof inspected every spring, it will be worth it.


If you’re under the impression that the shape of your roof is just a cosmetic thing, you could end up with some major damage to your home. Lifting or missing shingles could mean leaks in your home, which could mean rotting wood in attics and ceilings.

You Need New Windows

Your home’s windows are another area that makes getting a loan of some sort worthwhile if they need some work. Windows that properly open and close, and have no drafts, are just as important during the cold months as they are in the warm ones. It would help if you had windows that keep the heat in during the winter and keep the cool during the summer.

You’ve Had A Flood, Fire, Or Natural Disaster

Floods, fires, and have good homeowner’s insurance. If you live in a flood plain, it’s important to make sure that you have flood insurance. If you live somewhere that natural disasters, like tornadoes, are common, you want to ensure your policy covers these things.

If you don’t have the coverage or the damage is greater than what your insurance will payout, you will want to consider a loan if your home is worth saving. Otherwise, you may want to get a loan to buy a new home.

You Need An Expansion

It can also be a good investment in your home to do an expansion. This not only gives your more room, in the case of a growing family, but it can also make your home worth more. Maybe you want to add on a second bathroom or a third bedroom. Just make sure you get bids from a few contractors before settling on a price.

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