Journey of Engineering

Where did it start?

Everything has a beginning. Some things begin with a joke and some over coffee. But do you ever wonder how ‘engineering’ began? It started a long time back, with the advent of wheels; interestingly, engineering means to invent or devise, which by the way, were invented for pottery. It must have taken a genius to think of using a wheel in a chariot in that era.


JEE MAINS. In case you are aspiring to be an engineer, let me take you through this. Suppose you’ve appeared for JEE MAINS, 2018, which needs quite a preparation itself; you now have to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018. Students prepare for years to secure good ranks in this examination. But with the rise in demand, India has given rise to many private engineering Institutes. Even a state like Bihar has had 14% of literacy in engineering from the Top Engineering Colleges in Pune over just 5 years. It will take you a minimum of four years to become an engineer. Most of the pass out get placed, or, as of now, that is trending, become entrepreneurs. Others opt for either Masters’s in Technology or Masters’s in Business Administration. Almost 1.5 million engineers pass out every year just from India alone. It is a good thing for a developing country. It’s debatable, but the good thing is, with every growing day, 26.5% of people are learning how to create a comfortable life for themselves from the devices engineered by these engineers. Life is getting more and more comfortable every day in every way. Thanks to these Engineers, we still have a long way to go.

There is no end. Literally!

Engineering is an ever-evolving field. Different branches of engineering are being introduced every day. Whether it is architecture, biotechnology, mechanics, or computer science. The world is quickly shifting from data to big data, from fuels to batteries, algorithms to deep learning networks, and humans to Artificial Intelligence. We’re living in luxury our ancestors never even imagined. For them, even a bow and arrow were a technology. Now, look where we are. It is an endless growth whose journey still has to be figured out. It’s like a climax every day, everywhere. So if you see things turn futuristic, that’s where our roads are headed.

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