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Dealer Chat Changes Online Lead Outreach

Dealer chat is an effective, hands-free way to connect to customers online with information about your vehicles and your dealership and generate leads your sales team can follow up with later. Without dealer chat, car buyers visit your website, look around, and leave without ever hearing a word from you. If that happened in your showroom, it would be clear as a day that you had wasted an opportunity. Active dealer chat makes the connection, but it can also do much more by changing how you talk to prospects.


When customers can talk to an auto dealer live online, they want to be helped, not sold. This is the opportunity for dealers who talk about providing a better customer experience to deliver. Once a customer steps into a dealership, you have less than a 30 percent chance of changing the purchase decision. That decision is made largely online, and live dealer chat helps you actively guide that decision. While any dealer chat solution can put you in touch with customers, answer inventory questions, and book test drives or service appointments, you can go the extra mile when your in-house team is connected to your dealer chat.

One of the few dealer chat solutions that integrate your team into a managed dealer chat is Gubagoo, which combines managed and dealer chat for full effect. ResQ is the company’s mobile app, which notifies your sales team when a dealer chat is ongoing and lets them monitor it. If they’re busy with a client already on the lot, there’s no action necessary. Independent chat operators have access to your complete inventory and are trained to capture contact information and book appointments by engaging customers with helpful information, links, and videos.

Connecting your in-house sales team to customer conversations that are fully managed can improve the experience’s quality. While fully managed dealer chat is a great tool, it has its limitations:


  • Dealer chat operators can’t negotiate the price.
  • While inventory integration gives them access to all of your dealership’s stock, they may not know the brand the way your experts do

Because your sales team knows the brand and what’s on your lot intimately, they’re in a better position to make recommendations and hook the customer in. The app from Gubagoo lets dealer staff join the conversation directly or whisper private messages to operators handling the exchange.

Your lead strategy is vital to your business’s success, and no lead is better than an organic lead. Dealer chat solutions like Gubagoo turn anonymous web visitors into leads interested in your vehicles and ready to buy. Stop paying for charges and start using your website and the resources you already have available to you. Customers who come to you first are far more likely to convert, especially if you have an effective strategy for nurturing and engaging them. Dealer chat is customer outreach at the earliest possible stage of your relationship, and it can help define the rest of the customer’s experience at your business.

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