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Sports and fitness activities have always been one of the major concerns nowadays in a country like India, where obesity rates are rising fast. Another fascinating fact is the integration of women and men into sports and health fitness activities in their daily routines is one of the major speculation topics for researchers worldwide. Being excellent runners in marathons and ultramarathons, you must have experienced the problem of flat feet.

Sports“The flat feet refer to feet which are deprived of arches. It should be noted that flat feet do not harm your running potential. Those with flat feet cannot run in marathons for longer distances because flat feet are responsible for causing pain in certain areas such as your knees, ankles, lower leg muscles, and hip area. The term used for denoting this pain is overpronation.

Hence, buying the correct shoe for those with this flat foot issue is essential to compensate for the pain. A natural stride is important; running becomes enjoyable and not a nuisance when you get the right shoe.

Benefits of choosing the right shoe

For running purposes, you should choose the right shoe. It will be problematic because your feet will touch the ground with the wrong shoe at every stride. It will cause overpronation. Overpronation is the extensive inward rolling of your foot as it causes overcompensation for the rest of the body. It can create havoc for runners as it puts extra stress on other muscles of the legs ten, tendons, and ligaments. Unfortunately, you will experience highly intense pain if you run for a longer period.

Other than this, running after wearing the wrong one can cause severe injury like a runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, etc. But you need not worry about this; you only have to get the right shoes for your flat feet and feel free from any painful injuries.

  • Things that you need to remember while choosing the best running shoes
  • There are three categories of running shoes, which are as follows:

1. Overpronation,

2. Neutral and

3. Supination

As we have already discussed, it occurs to a heavy inward rolling of the feet. Hence, the running shoe should be such that it prevents the rest of the body from overcompensating for your feet, reducing the pain caused by overpronation. The shoes are designed to avoid this content material that absorbs the shock efficiently, which a person experiences when the feet hit the ground. Therefore, it aids in reducing the effect of running from flat feet on the body. So, if you buy a pair of new shoes for running, your priority should be stability and comfort.

Some of the best running shoes for flat feet for men are ASICS GEL- Kayano 24, Brooks Beast 16, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, ASICS GT-2000 5, Saucony Guide 10, etc.

Also, running shoes for women are easily available in the market, such as ASICS GEL-Kayano 24, Brooks Ariel 16, Saucony Guide 10, Mizuno Wave Inspire 13, etc.

Buying these running shoes has certain benefits, such as being extremely comfortable, reasonable, and durable. Some of them are also lightweight shoes and provide good stability. Some of these shoes are very supportive and provide cushion-like support to the feet.


Hence, before you start running, you should always consider your foot type before buying running shoes because the foot type determines your stride during running. Stay safe and healthy.

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