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4 Myths that Surround Christmas That Make it Magical

Christmas can be considered one of the most loved holidays globally. During this day, families come together, streets are illuminated with colored Christmas lights, Christmas trees are put up, and everyone is rushing to buy Christmas presents for people they love. As they say, Christmas is when everyone seems to love everyone else. No hate, just pure love.

Surround Christmas

Several myths surround Christmas, and we are about to discuss them.

1. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus

Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, is a fat man in red who visits houses on Christmas Eve. It is believed that if you are a good kid, you are most likely to receive a special present from him, hang a sock near the chimney, and he will find his way there.

Also, Santa Claus is believed to ride a sleigh that flies across the sky. It is pulled by reindeer, a very famous Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Santa Claus is married to Mrs. Claus, who often bakes cookies with the help of the elves. She is also responsible for caring for the reindeer and preparing that huge red bag Santa Claus carries on Christmas Eve.

For a fact, I believed in Santa Claus when I was young, and later on, I found out that my mom put gifts in my socks before Christmas. But I will always be thrilled by the thought of receiving letters from Santa every Christmas.

2. Mistletoe

It is believed that when Christmas arrives, you should kiss someone under the mistletoe. This tradition came from a famous Norse myth. Frigg was Thor’s wife, and their son Baldur was killed by an evil spirit with an arrow from some mistletoe. Frigg cried and cried, and her tears became white berries. Frigg promises she will kiss anyone beneath the berries, thus the mistletoe kiss.

3. Rudolph, the red nose reindeer

Rudolph is the 9th reindeer in Santa’s sleigh, but there are only eight reindeer. An American advertising executive created Rudolph for an advertising campaign, and we adopted it as part of our Christmas tradition. Rudolph is the most famous reindeer.

4. Krampus

Okay. So we have the good stuff about Christmas; now here comes Krampus. Krampus is a demonic goat that punishes misbehaved children. It is believed that if Santa Claus sees that a child is not behaving properly, he will send Krampus. This is considered a useful myth to be told to ensure children behave as expected.

Christmas is indeed one of the days that children await. This day is the best, from decorating Christmas trees to opening presents. Several Christmas myths surround this exceptional holiday. Some have been long forgotten, while the rest still live with us. Whether or not you believe these myths, they still make Christmas the most colorful holiday worldwide.

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