Latest Wearable Technologies for Your Health

Medical and consumer arenas can enjoy a variety of wearable-related technologies that make diagnosing, analyzing, and curing faster and more effective. Also, these modern technologies are pretty easy to use in everyday life.


Take a look at your long-term treatment plan. Some devices can even evaluate their efficiency. What is more advantageous is that patients receive the opportunity to save plenty of time on physical visits to the doctor’s office. Simultaneously, modern wearable technologies allow physicians to remotely check in on patients, which makes it possible to serve more patients from different corners of the country/state/city.

Honored professionals can now run online treatment procedures or conferences without leaving their offices or homes. Of course, sometimes, a real visit to the doctor is obligatory. I suggest we look at the latest affordable technologies to save your day.

Immediate back therapies

While most of the students suffer from sitting in front of their desks all day long, office employees complain about the lack of movement. These two categories need to take care of their necks and backs if they want to avoid nasty pain. Top-2015 wearable titled Valedo Back Therapy will restore your lower back health in several weeks. It is designed in the shape of fun games that provide the user with exercises to do. Special sensors identify the most problematic areas. This useful equipment can be purchased and viewed at

Measurement devices

Before deciding on any treatment, one has to set the correct diagnosis. It is hard to imagine without involving evaluation devices that guarantee 100% accuracy. We are discussing digital bathroom scales, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, etc. As statistics show, most often, people are interested in learning their exact weight. You can read the detailed description of digital scales to see how useful this device is.


Wristbands on the Go

Another winner, known as The Jawbone UP3, is a wearable wristband developed to track patient’s health on the go. This device allows measuring the heart rate while in any condition. It is well synchronized with mobile devices: you will easily keep a workout regimen per certain period. The water-resistant design is a big plus as it controls heart conditions even when resting by the sea/pool/river. The battery does not need to be recharged for a week so far.

Pregnancy wearables

Every pregnant woman or young mom would appreciate the possibility of sensing the baby’s kicks and mood during the third trimester, learning how to reduce stresses during the entire pregnancy, choosing the most affordable music for the future baby, and controlling the weight during and after the pregnancy. Babypod, Belli by Blom, Hapifork: Eat slowly, and many other devices and apps will assist women worldwide!

Pills & drugs

Welcome The Helius by Proteus Digital Health: a good that will be an innovation in 2015-2016. This is a pill created to keep track of necessary individual health information. All data is stored in real time in the companion app. The tool shows whether the patient is taking the prescribed treatment properly and on time and the results. This is a great tool to estimate the effectiveness of modern medicine.

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