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5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Several AC manufacturers keep churning out different products annually. A great number of them are usually packed with the latest technology. Some can even be controlled via smartphones or tablets. Each cooling and heating tacoma is designed to keep you and your family comfortable. There are so many reasons why an AC unit will start losing its cooling capacity. The unit may not be well installed or it needs thorough cleaning. Although it may be impossible for individuals to repair their AC units by themselves, these maintenance tips must be put into consideration.

Clean the external parts of the unit

Ensure that the debris around the condenser unit is cleared regularly. Over time, dust or dry leaves will accumulate around this area and prevent efficient air flow to the coil. Take advantage of a garden hose to wash it with extreme care so as to avoid damaging the coils. It goes without saying that overgrown grasses around the unit should be cleared too.

Air filter

The air conditioner is prone to getting blocked with dust or dirt. When this happens, the air entering the unit can be very small and of low quality which is dangerous for the people living inside the home. Apart from that, the air can carry dirt into the evaporator coil, therefore affecting its ability to absorb heat. Use a vacuum to clean the filter occasionally and wash with soap and water. It should be noted that some filters are reusable, while others are not. The bottom line is to carry out this maintenance procedure monthly during the period that you use the unit often.




A thermostat must be able to maintain a stable temperature in the home without having to manually adjust it all the time. The thermostat on the older models are not as advanced as the one that comes with a new AC. In case you use the former, it’s advisable to upgrade it or replace the unit. One benefit of using a programmable thermostat is that it helps to conserve energy usage whether you are at home or away.

Electrical component

You can start by detaching the access panel and check the wires for anything that indicates overheating. During this procedure, use an electrical test meter to examine the capacitors. In addition, take a look at the connections to determine if they are in order. Tampering with the electrical component of any electronic device is very risky. In this wise, follow safety procedures always.

Servicing is crucial

If the issue with your unit requires more than routine maintenance, the best thing is to get in touch with a professional. Even if your AC doesn’t show any sign of needing a repair, endeavor to service it at least once every year. Some of the things that the licensed technician will examine include the refrigerant, seal duct and electrical terminals.

Taking this approach is cost effective as you won’t have to spend money on costly repairs or pay extra money for energy bills. In fact, it won’t even take much of your time. Disconnect the AC unit from the power source completely each time you want carry out any maintenance procedure.

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