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Switch to LED Bulbs as an Energy-Efficient Choice

Looking around, you can find several LED products in your surroundings.

Like your LCD monitor, LED television screen, or LED bulb. But are you aware of how much of a difference these LED products can make to energy saving and sustainability?

One of the key reasons to switch to LED technology, such as LED bulbs, is that it minimizes the amount of waste produced and reduces our carbon footprint. With 85% energy saving and uniform color delivery, LED bulbs will keep every room corner lit. LED bulbs have many benefits over incandescent bulbs and even the older CFL energy-saving bulbs.

Switch to LED Bulbs as an Energy-Efficient Choice 1

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Here are the top reasons why LED bulbs outshine conventional lighting technologies, leaving them behind and in the dark:

  1. Energy Efficient

LED bulbs are adequately filled with enough energy and use up to 85 percent less power than their alternatives, like CFL bulbs. Because LEDs use less expensive fuel than incandescent bulbs, there is a drastic reduction in power costs. Considering that lighting accounts for 10-20% of a typical energy bill, you will see significant energy savings if you switch. Ultimately, the monthly cash you spend on your utility bills also reduces.

2. Longer Life Span

A longer life span means fewer carbon emissions. An LED bulb lasts up to six times longer than other types of lights, thus reducing various replacement requirements. There are LED lightings with an ever-lasting product burning life of over 20 years. This means we use fewer lights and, consequently, fewer resources for manufacturing processes, packaging materials, and transport.

3. No Toxic Elements

In addition to the differences in quality, lifespan, and electricity costs, LED bulbs are the greenest option in the market today. For one, unlike CFLs, LEDs do not contain highly toxic mercury, which harms the environment and your health. LED bulbs are free of any harmful elements, and they are recyclable.

4. Flexible in Colour & Design

LED bulbs are found in various base colors, such as red, blue, and amber. Because traditional incandescent bulbs use filters to create colors, they are not that attractive. However, LEDs can be mixed to produce large numbers of color options. In airplanes, LED lighting is now used to bridge jet lags that allow natural sleep patterns. Also, since they are focused lights, they are manufactured in many designs for specific uses like reading, night, spotlights, lighting for signs, accent lamps, and so much more.

Join the LED-Lit Future

The LED bulb is the latest technological advancement in the lighting industry. They are small, solid light bulbs that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and powerful. It is growing in popularity within the industry and Indian households because it’s a sustainable lighting source. Home-electrical brands like Luminous provide energy-efficient LED bulbs with optimum brightness and low maintenance cost. These LED bulbs last longer with cool lighting and consistent color delivery. The superior surge protection of 2.5 KVA also increases the reliability of LED bulbs and user safety. The wattage of such bulbs varies from 0 to 5 watts. With the added benefit of flicker-free performance and equal distribution of light, you’ll always have adequate lighting. So, what are you waiting for? Shop from Luminous to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting today.

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