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What are belt drives and why are they important

It is said that the most important are the people who work behind the curtains, and the same could be said for the different parts of machinery. The word belt drives might not ring a bell in your mind right away, but this mechanism is probably used in hundreds of things you might come across in your day to day lives. This machine usually employees a flexible yet durable belt in its mechanism and is extremely important to transfer power. All the conveyor belts in supermarkets or airports use this mechanism in a way or another. But the uses of such a system is not limited to such aspects only.

To understand it in greater depths, it is extremely important to understand how does this mechanism makes our life easier and how the mechanism usually works.

The Types

Although there are tons of different types of belt drives which can be classified according to their functions and utilization, but on a broader basis, they can be divided into two types, the open and closed belt. The only difference between such the above-mentioned types is the direction of movement of such belt drives. The movement in open belt drive is in the same direction, and the closed belt drive employees the movement in opposite direction.

The basic uses

These belt drives usually move continuously as and when the power flows and have reduced the need for the human effort to carry things. As and when the newer technologies are introduced in this field, the effectiveness of such machinery increases. The new breed of energy efficient and cost-effective machineries has taken over the market. It has become a matter of convenience to have such machinery installed in different places like supermarkets, airports and food industries.

Transportation of the raw materials and finished products in industries such as food processing has become less labor intensive as such functions can be performed by belt drives. Gone are the days when you needed to pick the trolley full of goods individually and place it on the counter.

The Value addition

Belt drives have proved their worth in the market and have been used in a variety of industries for different purposes. In the processing industries, the transportation of goods between shafts has become much more economical. You can dodge the maintenance cost of machinery as this mechanism doesn’t need regular upkeep or lubrication. Even if these machines are overloaded, they still resist complete breakdown because of different protection mechanisms which are installed.



It has been observed that such machines are not only efficient in their operations but also cheap on repairs. Many of the belt drives have introduced shock absorbing functions to give a longer life to the machine. Unlike the earlier versions of belt drives, the modern belt drives cause less vibration and disturbance and the noise has also been toned down.

Acquiring this machinery from a professional and trustable supplier becomes of prime importance. Looking for the reviews of the machinery from previous clients becomes an important step before making the decision.

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