Nothing can be as satisfying as driving a clean and well-maintained car. The sparkling car paint, glossy windows, and windshields, squeaky clean tires make even an average car model look like a million dollar. It is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to maintain your car and boost up its resale value.

Some of you may prefer sending it to the local car washer and the rest may be more interested in trying their hands on cleaning themselves. However, achieving the same level of results as that of a local car washer is difficult when you go via the DIY-route. But it is any day better than standing in the long queues and waiting for your turn to come.

Washing your car at home isn’t any rocket science and can be easily done by yourself at home. All you need is the right way to do it. Here are some amazingly easy tips listed to help you in washing your car like a pro –

Park your car right

It is always wise to park your car at the right spot where you won’t mind spreading the mess around. But it should be in the shade as direct sunlight will dry up the soap and water too quickly having you struggle with the dry marks and deposits.

Make sure you don’t jump forward with a bucket of water and soap immediately after driving. Find a spot with some shade and start washing only when your car is cooled down.

Examine the accumulated dirt

It is important that you look at the condition of the car first and determine how dirty it is. Look out for the kind of dirt accumulated on it- is it bird poop, mud spots, or just a layer of fine dust? Only after looking at the car carefully, you will be able to identify what kind of cleaning materials would be the best for it.

A used luxury car may need a full-fledged cleaning with clays, waxes, and polishes to protect the paint, whereas a new car may need a quick touch up the wash only.

Start with exteriors

Washing the exterior of your car with water is the first step towards getting back your car in shape. It is required to remove the loose dirt from the surface and the tires. Then, you should use clean soapy water and give it a thorough hand wash. Use plain water to rinse off the soap. Dry the car body with microfiber towels to prevent water spots and scratches. Wash the wheels with a scrubbing brush and give the last touch of shine by polishing the vehicle.

It is important to keep in mind to never use household cleaning agents or the products that aren’t meant for car washing. Go for milder products that are specially designed for the purpose.

Pay attention to Interiors

Once you are done cleaning your vehicle’s exterior, it is time to create super-clean interiors as well. You can do that by throwing the trash or other useless items you have left behind in the cars from the past so many days and give it a thorough vacuum cleaning. Then use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from the dashboard, console, doors, and seats. Clean the window glasses with ammonia-free glass cleaners and microfiber cloth.

For the dirty floor mats, you can simply scrub them a mild cleaning agent and place it back only when it is fully dry.

Note that if you keep your car clean by yourself, you can have it as a new brand car for years to come.