Not many people wish that they didn’t have a little extra cash on a monthly basis to supplement their current income. Getting another job is not an option for people who already work long hours with a commute. For this reason getting a side gig which you can earn primarily from home and work on during weekends/downtime is what most people seek. Technology has changed the way the business world works with a variety of jobs that can be done without having to physically show up to the company.

This has also made certain areas more competitive with competition driving payment rates down. The following are a few ideas as well as ways to get started earning extra cash and increasing your quality of life.

Writing Can Be Valuable

Consumers are exposed to a variety of content whether it is written, video, or audio on a daily basis. The consumption of content has started to become much more selective as the clickbait titles of the past seem to only make a website seem spammy. Quality written content is needed by a variety of businesses in various industries. Everything from product descriptions to company blog posts are in need. Those people who can write great product copy can receive as much work as they can handle. This is a perfect gig for someone who has a few hours of downtime per day or even a long commute on public transportation.



Freelancer platforms are the best way to get started with this as they bring the client and freelancer together.

Sell Old Items and Flea Market Hunt

Selling old items online can generate income and there are plenty of places to do so. For example, if you want to sell an old car simply do a search online of sell car for parts. Craigslist and eBay are popular options for people that want to sell anything. Meet people from Craigslist in a public place when selling something as a safety precaution. Flea market hunting can be great for the online seller who has a niche as flea markets are filled with hidden treasures. In states like Florida where there is an abundant elderly population there are plenty of flea markets up to their brim in antiques.

Personal Assistant

This is not a personal assistant that follows a person around and bows to their every whim. Many people call their virtual assistants their personal assistants as they help organize their personal or business lives on a daily basis. This could be something as simple as scheduling meetings or proofreading emails for any incredibly terrible spelling errors. People who have strong organizational skills as well as can communicate through both text and speech effectively are perfect for this. These types of opportunities can lead to further employment if you are looking for a career change.

Online Tutoring

Students need help on assignments on a daily basis in all subjects. Those who are proficient in math as well as can show various ways to do a problem can earn quite a bit. Speaking a second language can provide huge opportunities for those who want to teach English. This has a high demand online as both adults and children seek help in learning English. A tutoring platform can be found quite easily so it is important to see which platforms protects the tutors and pays them the best. Finding regular students can provide consistent income for years if you choose to tutor for that long.

Extra money can relieve stress even if you are working to get it. Making money at home is easier than ever so you do not even have to sacrifice time with the family. Start earning today as there are a multitude of opportunities.