4 Ways in Which Tech can Help You Stop Smoking for Good

Your email inbox and social media feeds are flooded with daily tips and guides on wellbeing and health. But you’ll rarely find information about quitting smoking. According to Cancer Research UK, about 207,000 children between ages 11 and 15 begin to smoke every year. What’s worse, children whose parents or siblings smoke are likelier to start smoking themselves. With almost 15% of UK adults being smokers, it’s a serious issue. But technology is supporting people who want to stop smoking. Here’s a list of 4 ways in which tech advancements can help you quit smoking for good.

The Pivot App

The Pivot app is a tech innovation made by Carrot Inc, which offers a unique user experience. The app includes lessons, live coaching, and activities customized to suit any user’s needs and ambition to stop smoking. The app pairs with a mobile sensor, with incorporated Bluetooth, which measures CO (Carbon monoxide) levels in your breath and shows your smartphone’s information. Carbon monoxide is one of the toxins in cigarettes. It exits your body quickly, so if you smoke a cigarette, you’ll notice the numbers increase on the app. If you skip a cigarette, these numbers will fall. The app provides a real-time and motivating feedback loop.

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Quitter’s Circle App

The “Quitter’s Circle” app allows you to follow a customized plan with our smartphone’s help. You can easily download the app and invite your friends and family to support you in your journey to quit smoking.

The app offers helpful insights and tips about quitting unhealthy habits and sends you reminders about your Quit Date or your first visit to your doctor. It helps you stay in the game by tracking performance and progress throughout your journey. You’ll see the number of days you’ve stayed cigarette-free and the amount of savings you’ve reached. You’ll receive badges every time you hit a key milestone.

Also, because the urge to light up a cigarette only lasts between 3 and 5 minutes, you can play a fun game on your smartphone to divert your focus. The urge lasts this long whether you smoke or not. You’ll pass through it before you know it.

Telemedicine & Online Doctors

You can double your chances to stop smoking with the help of a doctor who can provide counseling and medication. If you don’t have enough time to visit a doctor, you can leverage the power of telemedicine. Telemedicine allows you to book and attend virtual meetings with doctors from the comfort of your own home, whenever it’s convenient. You can create customized plans to quit smoking and check which medications are suitable for you. A counselor can also offer emotional support to sustain your endeavor.

Wearable Technology

Constant wearable-generated insights allow doctors to learn crucial details about the smoker’s emotional and physical state and discover smoking patterns. Wearable technology can provide information about the number of cigarettes you smoke, the emotional triggers, and the locations you smoke. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can examine predictive analytics, which anticipates and help you overcome the urge to smoke. A doctor who can monitor and learn about your smoking habits can customize and adjust your medication and treatment. Automated remote monitoring also eliminates the hassle of self-reporting.


Smoking affects around 7.2 million people in the UK. Tech innovations, which can help you quit smoking, are developing and offer integrated solutions for doctors and patients. You’ll find many stop-smoking apps and wearable technologies, which can measure CO levels, skin temperature, and smokers’ emotional state. Coupled with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, these technologies break any barriers between doctors and patients. Counselors and specialists can remotely monitor and track smoking patterns and behaviors to help patients quit this dangerous and unhealthy habit.

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