Best Ways and Steps to Quit Smoking

To most smokers, tobacco cravings, or the urge to smoke can be a hard one to overcome. When the urge strikes, you will have to fight it for over 30 minutes, and eventually you may end up giving in to it. Smoking was illegalized in the UK, which left most smokers with the struggle of trying to stop the habit and trying all means possible to quit.

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What are the tips to help you stop smoking? Although there is no exact formula for that, here are a few ways or things to do to help you fight the urge.


You do not just wake up one day and decide that you are done with cigarettes and expect that that is how things will go. Smoking is an addiction, and your brain is more than a simple command. You, therefore, need to get ready to deal with the withdrawal. Do some research and learn on the different ways to start the journey and how to deal with the consequences.

Avoid the triggers

The smoking triggers are most likely to be in areas where you are likely to get into temptations such as bars and parties. The need to smoke could also be triggered by emotions such as stress and depression. You need to understand your triggers first so you can avoid them at all costs if you do not want your efforts to go to waste. Do not set yourself up for smoking temptations. If you always smoked when hanging out with a particular group of friends, avoid them. If you loved doing it when sipping your coffee at work, look for other things to do during your free time.

Vaping and e-cigars

Vaping has proven to be an excellent quit smoking aid and there have been proofs that it can significantly help quitters through the journey. They are an excellent way to help you give up the smoking habit for they not only contain nicotine but also, vaping gives you more satisfaction than smoking. Studies have also shown that vaping is way less addictive compared to smoking and that individuals who use e-cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking and do it faster than those who do not.

Delay the cravings

If you start feeling a strong urge to smoke, you can delay it by telling yourself that you can wait longer for about 30 minutes before giving in. Distract yourself through that period by engaging in other activities such as playing a video game or reading a favorite book. Go to a smoking free area and join in public places and the end, you will go for a whole day without smoking.You can find more details on The London Vape Co website.

Get an alternative therapy

You can always find a better way of consuming nicotine without tobacco. Some of these alternative therapies include nicotine drinks, cold laser therapy, tobacco tricks, use of herbal supplements and smoking deterrents. However, you must do some tests and research to see which one of these works for you. You should note that some of the alternative therapies could make you want to smoke more and you, therefore, have to be careful.

Smoking is associated with lots of physical, social, health and financial problems. It is time you made the right decision and do away with the habit and watch your lifestyle improve for the better. With these tips and steps, you are good to go. All the best!

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