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5 Apartment Security Tips for Renters

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The National Crime Prevention Council reports show that apartments are at higher risk of being burglarized than other rental properties. Generally, the first step to protecting yourself is renting an apartment in a safe neighborhood, but this does not guarantee around-the-clock protection. As a renter, this necessitates you to take additional actions to keep your loved ones and property safe. Here are five apartment safety tips for tenants.

Get renters insurance

One of the most intelligent decisions you can make when renting an apartment is to get renters insurance. Your landlord might not make this mandatory, but it helps avoid losses in the event of a burglary or other unfortunate events such as fire, water damage, or natural disasters. The best part is that renters insurance is not costly, and the protection it offers to your belongings will give you much-needed peace of mind.

Install a security system

If your apartment does not have an advanced security system, get one installed in your apartment. Luckily, in this new age of home security, you no longer have to tear up your walls to install a super-efficient system. Most security systems are wireless-enabled and can be easily monitored using your smartphone, allowing for by-the-minute updates on the state of your apartment.

Upgrade your door locks

Your list of essential things to check when moving to a new home should include whether or not your locks have been rekeyed or replaced. Avoid the risk of sticking to old locks as you never know who might have access to their keys. Upgraded door locks will save you from many worries as you are assured no one else will easily access your apartment. Consult your landlord or apartment management company before upgrading your locks for clearance, as there might be strict regulations on such add-ons.

Secure and cover your windows

Never forget about your windows when thinking about ways to prevent potential intruders. Most burglars take time to study an environment before making a move. Open windows make it easy for thieves to see your possessions while also providing an easy entry point for them. Covering your windows and ensuring they are adequately secured with add-on locks, security bars, or a window alarm is an excellent way to boost safety.

Know your neighbors

It is difficult to break the ice and get to know your neighbors, but doing this will go a long way in improving security. Knowing your neighbors will have reliable people who will let you know if they notice any suspicious activities within the apartment. Knowing your neighbors also makes it easier to work together to improve the overall security of the apartment, making it safer for everyone.


Apartment security tends to be complicated, a significant reason why most burglars target renters in these premises. Applying these security tips will enable you to overcome these hurdles for better and stress-free apartment living. Most importantly, get renters insurance, upgrade your locks and install a security system.

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