3 Reasons Modern Farmers Are Adopting IoT Technology at an Astounding Rate

There is no denying the fact that IoT has done wonders in almost every field ranging from medical science to agriculture. It holds immense potential to accelerate the growth in agricultural sector and therefore modern farmers are switching to adapting IOT technology to bring about a revolution in this field.

How can IOT technology become indispensable for agricultural sector?

With increasing demand of food with burgeoning population, the need of the hour is to optimize food production. Though several efforts have been initiated like pesticides and GMO’s have been used to tackle the problem, they have not proved to be very fruitful. The need of the hour is to think of techniques which can help increase crop yield in a more productive manner.

IOT has undoubtedly played an instrumental role in bringing in a change and improving the yields of the farmers. What makes it even more advantageous is that exploring these new ways are indeed more environmental friendly if compared to toxic chemicals or genetic manipulation. With networked communication and sensors, turning to these ways can be fruitful and help not only to increase the yield, but also to reduce resource consumption. There are many other innumerable reasons as to why farmers are now seeing IOT technology as a promising resort :


Deploying sensors is often considered to be an expensive affair in other industries. However, it can be easy and inexpensive when it comes to agricultural sector. On the other hand, in other industries like refineries and factories, there are overhead expenses like replacement of old technology etc. While on a piece of farming land, there are no such concerns about incompatibility with existing technology. Inexpensive sensors can actually be placed anywhere at the cultivated field to yield useful data without any hassles.


It has been noticed that IOT technology has been far more successful when it comes to maximizing benefits in agricultural sector. The well equipped mechanism of what type of crops to plant, how much to water can help the agricultural sector to achieve indefeasible feats. Also, these measures can certainly lead to increased yield. Also, the farmers can track the movement of their animals to establish grazing patterns and hence help increase yield.


IOT has helped to modernize the workings of agricultural sector in multitude ways. It has helped the farmers in monitoring and detecting crop growth, soil moisture, livestock feed levels and controlling many other activities of farming. Also, soil monitors have helped the farmers to keep a good check of the moisture levels and ground temperature so that they can make better decisions relating to their crop harvesting. Apart from this, atmospheric monitors can also help to detect weather conditions and flyover drones can provide an insight of whether seeds have sprouted or not.



Hence, in a nutshell, digitization and smart farming can help the agricultural sector grow by leaps and bounds. Such modernized technology has been quintessential for modernization in agricultural sector and this is the only reason that farmers are switching to IOT.

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