Apple has been one of the prominent and secure operating systems among smartphones. But, the issue is with anything you have to do with the data between your computer and an iPhone. You just need to be dependent on iTunes and believe using iTunes is not as easy as it appears. Both iTunes and iCloud fail to meet the requirements that iPhone users have long been looking for. This has necessitated the need for an alternative to iTunes so that you would be able to tackle data management on an iPhone more comfortably. DearMob iPhone manager is an excellent option you can use if you want to say goodbye to iTunes.


DearMob iPhone Manager – An Overview

Well, DearMob iPhone manager is an exceptional choice for most of your iPhone data management. Available for both PC and Mac, the software is a good replacement for iTunes and its complications.

The iCloud can be a good option in comparison to iTunes, but then who wants to save their personal data on the Cloud? It may not be completely safe. It offers you everything you would need to access your iPhone data and its proper management. A better interface and ease of use are the features that make it stand apart from iTunes.

The Features

If you have been using an iPhone and opted for iTunes for the data management therefrom, you will find DearMob several notches above iTunes. Let us explore a few of them here.

One Click Backup and Restore

The data on your iPhone is utterly important, and there cant is a better option than backing it up for safeguarding it. DearMob makes it easy too back up your data with just one click. Similarly, in cases when you lose your data, you can restore it right away with a single click once again! Fully backup your data and restore it without issues, with one single correct password.


Access to your iTunes Music

The apps, games and other items you buy from iTunes are normally protected with DRM and may not be easy to transfer. In many cases, they fail to work once transferred. You can transfer practically everything including movies, books, music and what not.

No need for iTunes

The tool works without iTunes. Most tools need access to iTunes or other Apple services, but DearMob runs without a need for an Apple service. Just connect your phone and indulge in transfers.

Selective backup and restore

Backup data as per your whims. You can either decide to back up the entire iPhone data or choose the items you want to backup selectively. Backing up and restoring specific files is an advantage when you have storage constraints on your iPhone.


File Conversions

You can convert your iPhone files to suit any other suitable media. File formats like OGG, FLAC, WMA, and WAV can be converted into MP3 or AAC. You can even transfer non-iTunes music to your iPhone. No matter what you are dealing with including books, contacts, messages, videos and what not – easily convert them to your preferred format.

transfer old iPhone to new iPhone, DearMob is a great file manager cum data management tool for your needs. Available both on subscription mode and lifetime license options, it is a feature packed data management tool that meets all your needs and worth the money you spend on it. You should give it a try. We are sure you will never again use iTunes ever.