4 Home Improvements That You — and Your Neighbors— Will Love

Between working, taking care of your family and pets, doing some volunteer work, and the many other responsibilities that make up your busy days, you have neglected the exterior of your home.

While your neighbors are very kind, and no one has made any snarky comments about your brown lawn, old fixtures, and/or peeling paint, you know they would all probably be thrilled if you fixed up your place a bit.

To improve the curb appeal of your home, consider the following neighbor-friendly home improvements.


Go “Green” With Your Lawn

Nothing will make the exterior of a home look shabby quicker than a yard made up of overgrown grass and a bunch of weeds. Set aside a Saturday morning, get out your lawnmower and rake, and go to town, giving your front yard a much-needed cleanup. Rake up any leaves, pull weeds and then — if the grass is on the brown side — add some fertilizer and grass seed to fill in any bare spots. Once the lawn has been cleaned up, strive to keep on top of it; if the budget allows, hire a local landscaping company to install an irrigation system so the lawn is always well watered and looking good.

Install a Home Security System

If you have always wanted to invest in a home security camera system, there is no time like the present to make this important purchase. Rather than work with a company that will make you sign a long-term contract for the security camera system, you can order yours online from a company like Lorex. They offer waterproof cameras with 4K resolution, wide-angle lenses, and color night vision. You can install the cameras near your garage door and other exterior entrances, and then point out your snazzy new security camera system to your neighbors and say you are happy to help keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Upgrade Your Lawn Furniture

As notes, outdoor furniture can be a double-edged sword for its impact on the front exterior of your home. If you have too much of it and/or it’s getting broken, rusty or chipped, it will make your home look neglected. However, some carefully chosen pieces that are clean and in good condition can help your home look amazing. Take an honest look at your lawn furniture and either donate or toss anything old and falling apart. Then, invest in some simple items like ceramic stools or a couple of colorfully painted Adirondack chairs set up around a small table. The same is true for anything on your porch — if you have been sitting on an old sofa or chairs that are rickety or ragged, dispose of them and spring for some new and stylish pieces.

Replace Your Old Hardware

If you still have the original house numbers, a banged-up mailbox, dated light fixtures, and other older hardware, your home may also look on the unkempt side. According to Better Homes and Gardens, these elements tend to add many appeals when they match in finish and style, so consider replacing all of them with pieces that have the same overall look. Examples include brushed nickel numbers, light fixtures, and doorknobs for your more contemporary styled home or oiled bronze options for traditional houses.

This Will Get You Off to a Great Start

Of course, as a homeowner, the To-Do List never seems to end. Over time, there will be more improvements to make to your home’s exterior that will appease you and your neighbors. But by starting with these four ideas, you will be well on your way to having a great-looking home that you and your neighbors will be proud to have on the street.

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