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How to Get the Best Solar Inverter Price in 2022

When discussing futuristic innovations, solar energy cannot go unmentioned. With the rise in demand for electricity and its limited supply, the need for an alternate energy source has risen. This is where solar energy comes in as a go-to renewable source of energy that can efficiently meet our power needs.

This is why more and more private and commercial spaces welcome solar inverters. Here’s how you can get one at the best solar inverter price.

But before we get to it, let’s understand what a solar panel is and how it works.

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What Exactly is a Solar Inverter and How Does It Work?

A solar inverter is one of the most important components of a solar power system. It converts the energy output from solar panels into a usable form of electricity, which can be utilized in your home or workspace.

A solar inverter takes the variable Direct Current (DC) output from the solar panels and transforms it into Alternating Current (AC). The appliances in your home or workspace run on alternating current, not direct current, which is why the solar inverter must change the direct output collected by the solar panels.

The solar inverter price depends on your requirements and the type of inverter you use. There are various solar inverters; let’s understand them one by one.

Tips to Buy Solar Inverter at Best Solar Inverter Price

Now that you know what a solar inverter is, it’s time you use these tips to choose a solar inverter at a justified solar inverter price.

1. Have an Estimate of your Power Requirements?

Both the inverter and inverter battery should be bought according to your power requirements. Your power requirements refer to the energy required by appliances you want to run during power cuts. Your power requirements are calculated in Watts.

You can calculate your power requirements through Luminous’ load calculator to make your work easier.

2. Consider the Various Types of Inverters:

It’s essential to decide which category of solar inverters you want to go for. Here are the various types:

Hybrid Inverter:

A hybrid inverter, also known as a multi-mode inverter, allows you to connect batteries to your solar system. The electronics of this inverter organize the charging and discharging of the storm.

On-grid Inverter:

These inverters are connected to the utility grid. It transforms DC to AC and supplies any surplus energy to the grid.

Off-grid Inverter:

It converts Direct Current to Alternating Current from a battery. Such inverters are widely used to power commercial and residential establishments.

3. Efficiency:

Efficiency is an essential factor to consider when you are buying an inverter at a reasonable solar inverter price. An inverter’s efficiency refers to the ratio of Direct Current converted to Alternate Current. As not all types of inverters are the right match for household applications, a buyer must research and understand various inverters and compare their efficiency before selecting one.

4. Durability:

A solar inverter is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is essential to check and compare their performance and durability under extreme weather conditions. Some inverters are not fit for high temperatures; they may also have performance issues. Hence, it is highly recommended to have a clear understanding of the specifications and choose the one that is resilient to harsh atmospheric conditions.

5. Know the Features you Want to Get

If solar inverter price is a constraint for you, then getting the latest model with advanced features might not be a feasible idea for you. That’s why it is essential to understand what features you require. If you think you can settle for a basic model that doesn’t come with advanced features but at the same time meets your power requirements, then choosing it is a much better option from the solar inverter price point of view.


You can estimate the solar inverter price and the money you need to save for it by calculating your power requirement and the type of inverters normally recommended. You can also take the help of a solar expert who can review the different solar inverters that make sense for your home.

Whatever you decide, ensure that you buy solar products and pproductsputable brands. Regarding power solutions, Luminous is an award-winning brand you can lean on. Luminous provides an extensive range of solar inverters to meet your power requirements and make your life more stress-free

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