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Team Building: Worldwide Activities and Trends

For boosting employee morale and trust, team building is critical. Studies prove that team-building events and activities help company executives retain dedicated, focused staff. It also allows executives to deal with unexpected changes and uncertainty within the workplace. If you are responsible for developing innovative team-building ideas, start by looking at what other companies worldwide are doing for their employees.

Benefits of Team-Building Activities

Millions of companies around the globe recognize the value that comes from using team-building activities. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Changeover – Employees have every right to feel nervous at a company in transition, perhaps with a new owner coming on board or moving to a new location. During this period, there was a tremendous amount of unrest and confusion. However, executives can help employees feel at ease by using team-building activities.
  • Organizational Development – Besides being fun, team building is an educational tool for long-term organizational development.
  • Building Comradery – Especially in larger companies, those with many cross-functional teams, and organizations with telecommuters, employees lack interaction. Team-building activities help workers get acquainted with one another. As a result, teams work together more efficiently, which enhances employee and business success.
  • Employee Appreciation – Executives are often inundated with business matters. Although intentions are good, their overloaded responsibilities prevent them from speaking up and telling their workers how much they are valued. Team building is an excellent way to show employees that their hard work and dedication are recognized and appreciated.

Depending on the budget, the number of workers, and the type of business, team-building activities may last a single day or go on for several days. Using these and other factors, executives choose the kind of activities that might entail spending a full day at the lake or on the slopes or going away for a two- or three-day retreat. For the greatest impact, weaving in teaching moments with fun activities is important.

Trends for Team Building

When looking at all the possibilities for team building, you will discover that some have been around for a long time while others are exciting new trends. Incorporating a charitable element as a team-building activity, such as repairing or building a home for someone in need or having a food drive coupled with a health fair for children in poverty-stricken communities, is an example of an emerging team-building trend. Thanks to advancing technology, a virtual reality event is another trend.


Consider some of the activities that companies worldwide offer their workers for great team-building ideas.


In Australia and many other countries, obstacle courses are popular team-building activities. Although employees end up tired and dirty after enjoying a fun day, they also learn the importance of communication and trust.


Corporations throughout Asia have a reputation for being highly efficient in the workplace, which extends to the type of team-building activities chosen. For instance, short games that allow workers to get acquainted are a hot trend. These games also promote better connections and create the opportunity for sharing ideas.


Team-building activities are popular in Britain, as well. Among the different team-building activities in Britain, many involve alcohol. For example, drinks are served on boats and at beer- and wine-tasting events. However, some activities do not include alcohol, such as taking a dance class or participating in a culinary class. One thing that sets companies in Britain apart from those in some other countries is that all of their team-building ideas are creative. To promote better communication, interaction, and trust in the workplace, most executives are not afraid to think outside the box when organizing team-building activities.


Canada is another great country that follows hot team-building trends. Company executives look for activities that are creative but also boost business productivity. Some examples include boat building, culinary events, paying it forward to strangers, mystery murder investigations, and other indoor and outdoor activities. Regardless of the event, team building in Canada is adventurous.


With an impressive list of team-building activities, there is never a shortage of fun for people who work in France. Among the hottest trends are detective and murder investigation games, sightseeing tours, treasure hunts, GPS rallies, ecological gatherings, and more. In combination with unusual team-building events, executives in France offer their employees traditional activities, like whiskey tasting, singing, winemaking, and video game playing. In this country, team building is about action.


Whether a thrill-seeker or not, employees of German companies love geocaching, whitewater rafting, and other highly adventurous team-building activities. In addition to creating something fun and exciting, executives select team-building programs in Germany because of their trust-building capabilities. As a result, employees have a work environment conducive to employee interaction and productivity.

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With abundant things to see and do, it is not surprising that Norway is a major hub for some of the most popular team-building events worldwide. Some more popular activities include Oktoberfest, lavish costume balls, ” Sommerfest ” summer events, gambling nights, kickoff launches, and more. Regardless of the activity or how much fun everyone has, the goal is to teach employees how important it is to work together closely in different scenarios. Overall, Norway focuses on creating educational fun.

United States

Team-building activities in the United States run the gamut. Along with parties where employees can let loose for a fun night, executives set up team-building activities like working for Habitat for Humanity or some other charitable organization. The goal is to find opportunities that require employees to work in teams. In addition to getting to know one another more personally, this sets the foundation for resolving conflicts. Charitable team building is a win-win for all parties involved.

Lessons Learned

You will feel inspired by how different countries choose, organize, and implement team-building activities. Although some activities are somewhat far-fetched, the respective countries execute them beautifully. Keep things fun and educational regardless of the action or trend you are most interested in implementing for your team-building event. Ultimately, your workers will form a tighter bond, which benefits everyone.

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