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Top 3 Ways to Fight Your Cell Phone and Driving Ticket!

Getting texting and driving ticket is frustrating. You have to deal with hefty fines and potentially going to court. Thankfully, our traffic ticket fixers know how to fight these tickets. Here are some methods you can use to drop or reduce the distracted driving charges against you.

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Going to Court (or Having an Attorney Go for You)

One strategy for getting out of a cell phone and driving ticket is arguing your innocence before a judge. Here are the steps you should take for this process:

  • Plead not guilty according to the instructions on your copy of the citation.
  • Request a trial date.
  • Consult a Santa Ana traffic ticket attorney for help.
  • Prepare evidence, such as gathering phone records, looking for errors on the ticket, or calling witnesses to testify.
  • Attend your hearing or have one of our attorneys go in your place to argue your case.
  • If the judge doesn’t rule in your favor, inquire about your appeal options.

After your consultation, an attorney will let you know if this is how you should fight your traffic ticket.

Plead Not Guilty Via Mail

Another option is having a trial by mail. This means you prepare written evidence and don’t have to go to court. A traffic ticket attorney can help you prepare evidence and write a letter to the judge.

Negotiate the Charges

Our lawyers are also able to negotiate with the prosecutor overseeing your case. We’ve worked with local prosecutors many times and know how to work things out. Even if your citation doesn’t get dropped, we may be able to reduce it to a non-moving violation, so you don’t get points on your record or have to deal with skyrocketing insurance rates.

We’re ready to help you fight your texting and driving citation. Contact an attorney for personalized advice about your particular situation.

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