10 Things To Remember To Do Before You Move To A New Home

After having gone through the hassle of searching for a home and done all the payments and paperwork, you may feel relaxed and confident about relocation to your new house. But not so quick; there remain a few things that you still must do before moving.

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Shifting to a new place may fill you with excitement, but the struggles of the move are still bogged with different things. The D-day for the relocation may come swiftly and be upon you just as though you have woken up from a dream. And if you fail to remember the following things, then you may have to ensure another bout of issues instead of settling into the house with some peace of mind.

1. Change The Locks

When the deal is over, and you are the new proud owner of the house, the foremost thing to do is to change the locks to all the exteriors windows and doors as well as the main gate. You never know if the previous owner, or even the real estate broker, has extra keys or who they may have handed the spare keys. So, changing the locks is a precaution, and the new ones should be installed before the moving day.

2. Paint The Walls And Ceilings

Painting may not be necessary since most homes are put up for sale when all repairs are done, and the properties are looking well-maintained. But even then, the color choices may not settle well with the buyer and is such is the case for you, then you should plan for the paint job to be done at least a week or two before moving into the new house. In most cases, the exterior may not have much that takes away from your personal preferences, but the interior will need a bit of work. The painting job is also an opportunity to identify and repair the little-missed details such as tiny cracks and holes or other kinds of defects.

3. Inspect Plumbing Leaks

Though you may have tests if the water runs in all the tap in the kitchen and bathrooms, that is not proof that the plumbing is in good working condition. You need to schedule for an inspection to ensure that the house has no plumbing issues. Have the faucets, water pipe systems, toilets, tub, and washbasins inspected; also, remember to have the exterior plumbing checked and necessary repairs done.

4. Pest Control

Pests are a huge bother, and you would not love to move into your new home only to discover what you bought is a pest-haven. Insects and other unwelcome creatures can decide to invade places that look clean. Moreover, you do not know how clean and hygienic the previous owner was, so do not take any chances. The entire property should be inspected for pest infestations and the necessary treatment and preventive measures implemented.

5. Clean The Place

Though most homes are when clean, you still need to have this redone before moving in, which you can outsource from professional house cleaners. You will avoid the hassle of getting brooms, mops, scrubs, buckets, dusters, and the vacuum. The cleaning should be done a day before so that you arrive to find a spotless and welcoming house.

6. Sort Important Documents

The purchase of a new home will be a process that involves different documentation, and you need to ensure all these important records are secure. The same goes for the paperwork regarding the current place of residence. As you sort these, also remember to do the same for other essential documents such as medical records, birth certificates, and social security cards to avoid losing them in the shuffle of possession when moving. Changing your address is also at the upmost of importance. You can do that easily at

7. Return Borrowed Items

If you have any items that you borrowed from your neighbors and friends, then you need to sort them out and return them; it will show that you are a considerate neighbor. Good neighborliness is often denoted by sharing things freely, and this will often see some things not return because people forget about the loaned items. So, you should be honest about the various belongings you have when packing in readiness for moving and return the items you borrowed.

8. Notify Loved Ones And Utility Service Providers

You should make an effort to inform family and friend about the move. You can do this by hosting a farewell party and can also be a pre-housewarming party and use the occasion as an opportunity to let them know of your plan. As you do this, also remember to check with your utility service providers, insurance card company, banks, cable provider among others of the change of residence and new address so that they can revoke or make the necessary changes and adjustments to the services they provide to your old and new home respectively.

9. Greet Your Neighbors

You should try and get familiar with the new neighborhood because that is the place you will spend most of your time and a better part of your life. Get to know your new neighbors because they will be the ones you may have by your side during the good and bad times. Therefore, be courteous and take the initiative to say hi and try to establish some rapport. A bit of small talk as you introduce yourself will help break the ice and see you make new friends.

10. Set Up Security

As you make an effort to know the new community, try to find out about the level of security in the area. While at it, makes places to have a security system set up. The objective is to ensure you and your family feel safe in the new home even as you get fully acquainted with the neighbors and assimilate into the community.

As you take the things mentioned above into account, the other thing to remember is to plan for the relocation in terms of transportation. Figure out if you will hire the services of movers or will call a few of your friends and family to give you a helping hand with the move.


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