This career path can land you in a range of exciting job opportunities

Choosing a career path is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make in life. Your job doesn’t have feel like a boring chore. Careers in such industries as Hospitality, tourism, etc. can allow you to have fun and enjoy your work at the same time.

Did you know Hospitality is one of the largest employers in the world (after the government) offering a broad variety of jobs in many different sectors? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a career path in Hospitality Industry

Diversity and opportunity


A career in hospitality requires you to communicate and work with different people from different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the skills that you acquire in hospitality are readily transferable to many other industries around the world as well. This opens up a number of opportunities in your home country as well as abroad.

You make people’s day

Hospitality is the business of “making people’s day” and this often uplifts your own. Whether you’re a concierge at a hotel or someone working in the management or behind the scenes, every time you come to work you’re making someone’s day a little better.

It’s creative

Hospitality is one of the most creative industries you can work in. From cooking delicious food to experimenting with cocktails or planning a wine tasting event, you are constantly creating a product or service that your customers can enjoy. This industry demands imagination and flair.

It’ll take you places

Being a thriving global industry, you can travel around the world, discovering new countries and cultures. Applying for internships, work permits and jobs is easier in this industry than others. You can very well consider your skills in hospitality to be your ticket to travel the world.

There’s always work

As long as people are eating out, traveling, or looking for entertainment – there will never be scarcity of jobs in hospitality. Moreover, hospitality is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world so you need not worry about not having work.

In a nutshell, hospitality is one of the most exciting industries to work in. It will grow you professionally as well as personally. You get to travel and meet new people around the world. A quality degree always helps you get a head start in an industry. There are many colleges around the world that offer world-class education in Hospitality, ICHM being one of them. International College of Hotel Management, Adelaide offers “One Program, Two Degrees” course prepares students for a career in a wide variety of hospitality businesses.

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