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Pests can cause irreparable damage in a household, most of which are expensive. Apart from the damages to the property, pests can cause infections.

Especially if you have kids, safeguarding your house against pests is imperative. However, there are times when pests infest your homestead without your knowledge. They create a haven, only to wreak havoc after a while. It is at such a time that the services of an exterminator are essential.

So, what are the signs to look out for to know when it’s time to put that pesticide away and call an exterminator?

Residential Pest Control: Termites vs. Carpenter Ants

Structural damage

When pests invade your home, structural damage is bound to happen. One of the pests that are best known for causing structural damage is termites.

Termites are notorious for causing massive damage to wooden surfaces. So, the next time you notice buckled wood or swollen floors, it is time to call termite control.

You see them

Sometimes, you will see a cockroach or a rodent running across the room when going about your household chores. It is a fact that for every pest you see, several others are hiding behind the walls.

The best thing to do is to perform a night assessment. Nights are mostly silent. As such, pests are likely to come out. You will indeed see one or two cockroaches during the day, but they mostly operate at night. High chances are, you will see the magnitude of their existence when you wake up in the middle of the night and switch on the lights.

The same case applies to almost all other pests.

Strange smells

Cleanliness is the number one thing to uphold in your home. However, there are times you will notice strange smells as you are cleaning the house. Exterminators will indeed tell infestation problems by smelling around the house.

For instance, when you notice an ammonia-like smell in the house, there is a high likelihood that mice have invaded your home. It is when you notice these unpleasant odors that you need to call an exterminator.

You see droppings

It is bad enough that you have a pest problem, but constantly cleaning pest droppings is irritating.

Pests are good at hiding. It is one of the best reasons why pest infestation is sometimes caught when it is too late. However, pests are not keen on hiding evidence. They will leave their droppings in plain sight.

Apart from droppings, you are likely to notice fur and shed body parts. All these are left behind as they move from one place to the other.

Bite or gnaw marks

Pests are destructive by nature. They will chew on anything edible in your home, from food packaging to furniture and plastics.

One of the most obvious signs is bite marks on food packages. Pests need food to survive, and if there is none readily available, they will invade your cabinets and bite on anything.

Strange sounds and grease marks are some other signs of pest infestation. Once you notice any of these tell n tale signs, call an exterminator. Delays in doing so could cost you your expensive piece of furniture.

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