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The Importance of Automotive Filter Changes

Filters in vehicles are a vital part. They ensure that the car is functioning smoothly and safely. The air filters of a car can be compared to the lungs of the human body. If the lungs get filled with dirt because of pollution and cannot function properly, the entire body will malfunction. Similarly, the air filters of vehicles accumulate dirt, dust, and airborne particles when they travel. They must be regularly cleaned or even replaced to ensure that the car keeps functioning properly. The more frequently the filters are checked and maintained, the smoother the drive and the higher the efficiency. Listed below are four things you can keep in mind regarding the filters in your vehicle-

Importance Of An Oil And Filter Change | All Car Specialists

  1. Air Filters- every airborne particle can build up and clog your air filters. These particles can include dirt, dust, bits of debris from construction sites, pollen, miscellaneous bacteria, and even mold in wet areas. The more these airborne particles accumulate in your air filters, the lower the performance of your car. If you haven’t already done so recently, make sure to take your vehicle to get the filters checked.
  1. Engine Damage- the main reason that your car’s performance deteriorates over time is the accumulation of dirt in your air filters affects the functioning of the engine. The main parts of the machine, i.e., the pistons, cylinders, and bearings, start getting impacted drastically over time, which often leads to vehicular malfunctions, making it unsafe to travel in such a vehicle. While simply replacing the air filters at the appropriate time would have been a minor cost, repairing the engine as a whole will be much more expensive.
  2. Cabin Filters- the next part of the car affected by clogged air filters is the cabin filters. These filters ensure that passengers in the vehicle breathe clean, unpolluted air. When the air filters get clogged with dirt and debris, the cabin filters’ functioning also reduces, and these may also need to be changed. The first signs you should look for are sneezing and coughing whenever you enter your car, itchy eyes, and musty smells.
  3. Schedule- the owner’s manual of your vehicle will have detailed instructions about when it has to be serviced and sent for maintenance. Ensure that you follow this schedule to ensure that your car is still safe for you to travel in and that it performs to its optimum level. Almost every manual states that air filters must be checked and changed when the oil changes. If you have any doubts, speak to your service center.

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