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You will probably agree that there is nothing enjoyable about the fact when your water pipe starts leaking. In addition to the fact that you can damage the floor covering in your own apartment, you can also flood your neighbors. If there is an opportunity, immediately turn to
A&V DRAIN CORP drain repairs North York but it is also not a very difficult to task to repair a water pipe on your own if you have some basic skills in the pluming field.


First of all, it is necessary to cut off the water supply for the pipe, in which a leak has formed. If there are no valves in the apartment to allow you do that, it will be necessary to cut off the water on the entire riser, since otherwise it will be very difficult to repair the pipe. When the water is finally shut down, you can proceed to the drain repair itself. There are several common ways to repair water pipes. The first one is to apply a bandage for some period of time equipping it with a rubber seal. That is, you need a piece of rubber that would block the leak in the pipe. In addition, you will need a clamp or tourniquet. In extreme cases, you could also use a piece of wire. The further actions are quite clear: the strap made from a piece of rubber is fixed by means of clamps or a wire.

The second most popular way to eliminate leaks is to use an adhesive bandage. Here, the actions are completely analogous to the first method, except the fact that a piece of cloth should be used. Of course, a piece of fiberglass will be the ideal option. As an adhesive, we strongly recommend you use epoxy resin. It is necessary to adhere to such an unspoken rule: the length of a piece of cloth should fold the pipe six times, and its width should be about one and a half times the diameter of the pipe being fixed. The glue is applied directly to the fabric, which is very tightly pressed against the pipe using screeds. Only after the solidification of the epoxy resin can you attempt to let water run to the repaired pipe.



Another tricky way to eliminate leaks, though, requiring the presence of certain tools, is to cut a screw in the prepared hole. That is, in the place of formation of a leak, a small hole is to be drilled, on which the internal thread is cut. A screw-bolt is then screwed into this hole and things are sealed! The only thing is that the screw-bolt should be of short length and lubricated with sealant or paint. Of course, this approach is suitable only for new water pipes. Old pipes have thinner walls, and such a repair will only exacerbate the situation.

With a great number of useful tips and recommendations of drain repairs, it is important to find the company that offers highly professional Toronto drain repair services. No matter how many books you read or how many videos you watched, hire the professional to never face the problem again.

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