Time To Explore These Famous Drool-Worthy Desserts From Different Part Of The World

No matter how much you wolf down the foods, there has always been a room for the dessert because a delicious dessert doesn’t go to stomach, it goes to the heart- it’s true.

A good meal always remains incomplete without a sumptuous dessert. The actual reason for serving dessert at the end of a meal is to signify its completion and to leave you feeling content after completing the meal. There are various health benefits of eating dessert at the end of the meal as well. Desserts always make the digestion procedure healthy, boost the immunity of the health, keeps a proper balance of the hormones, reduces the blood pressure, helps in lowering bad cholesterol and definitely work as the anti-depressant.

There are different types of dessert items you can find – fruity, chocolaty, rich, light depending on the country you are in. Now, we are going to talk about some of the best drool-worthy desserts from the different parts of the world so that you can get the inspiration to travel and try them in real life.

Apple Pie, United States:

It’s a double crust pie made with the apple as the main ingredient. This crunchy pie is mainly served with the whipped cream, ice cream and a piece of cheddar cheese. It’s one of the most favored desserts in the US and at the same time, it’s also an important part of America’s traditional desserts list. It symbolizes the American culture, tradition, and homes and that’s why there has been a popular phrase “as American as an Apple pie.”


Brigadeiro, Brazil:

It’s a very popular bite-sized Brazilian delicacy made with the powdered chocolate, condensed milk, and butter. Once baked, it is eaten directly or you can mold it into individual balls and top it up with sprinkled chocolate, chopped nuts or powdered sugar.


Picarones, Peru:

It’s a staple Peruvian dessert made with the ingredients like sweet potatoes, local farm’s squash, flour, yeast, sugar, and anise. It is served with the cane syrup called Chancaca. It almost looks like doghnuts.


Black Forest Cake, Germany:

The typical German BlackForest cake, also known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, is a lip-smacking cake made with the chocolate, cherries in the middle and whipped cream on the top. It is typically served with the Morello cherries and poached in a sugar syrup and pitted. Nowadays, these cakes are available all over the world so that you can easily have it in your country. You can easily order a Black Forest cake online from a reputed bakery in your country.

Black-Forest-Cake Eggless

Banoffee Pie, UK:

Made from bananas, cream, toffee, condensed milk and spread over a biscuit or pastry and butter base, Banoffee pie is one of the most popular desserts in Uk and it also includes coffee and chocolate.

The word Banoffee comes from the combination of the words Banana and toffee.


Creme Bullee, France:

It’s a creamy and tender custard base nicely topped with caramelized crust. This super delicious French dessert dates back to 1691. Usually, it comes with the vanilla flavored custard base.



Gelato is a world famous Italian ice-cream made with the fresh cream, sugar and nicely flavored with nuts and fruit purees. It is really well known for a smooth texture and prominent flavor.


Always remember one thing that desserts are like soul food. They can give you the feel like heaven so that you will always come back for more.

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