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Reasons Why Your PPC Ads Aren’t Showing

Pay-per-click (PPC) remains one of the most versatile and cost-effective digital marketing channels. Rather than displaying your ads for everyone to see, you can target users based on keyword searches. Best of all, PPC networks like Google AdWords and Bing Ads only charge you when someone searches for your keyword and clicks your ad. However, if your PPC ads aren’t showing, you’ll need to investigate and fix the problem to reap the benefits of this powerful marketing channel.


#1) You Aren’t Bidding High Enough

One possible reason your ads aren‘t showing is that you aren’t bidding high enough. PPC networks use an auction format in which advertisers’ bids determine ad placement. If an advertiser competing for the same keyword outbids you, their ad will rank higher than yours.


#2) Your Ads Weren’t Approved

Perhaps your ads aren’t showing because the PPC network didn’t approve them. The leading PPC networks — Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads — have strict standards regarding ads’ content and quality. Failure to comply with these standards may result in your ads being disapproved or otherwise rejected.

#3) You’ve Reached Your Daily Budget

A common feature in all PPC networks is the ability to set a daily budget. Without a budget set, your ads will continue to run, all while racking up click charges. Depending on your keywords and bid prices, this can quickly burn a hole in your business’s marketing budget.

While setting a daily budget can help prevent overspending, it can also prevent your ads from showing. If you’ve reached your daily budget, your ads will stop showing until the following day.

#4) Your Quality Score is Too Low

On AdWords, keywords are given a Quality Score that reflects their relevancy (or lack thereof) to the ad. The more relevant your keyword is to your ad, the higher its Quality Score. Maintaining a high-quality Score is important because it affects your bid price and ad placement. So, you should check the keyword Quality Score if you aren’t seeing your AdWords ads.

#5) Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is an AdWords feature that allows advertisers to limit the number of times the same user sees their ads. If enabled, your ads will stop showing to users who’ve already visited your ad. Keep in mind. However, that frequency capping only applies to the Display Network, not the Search Network. There’s no way to control the number of times users can see your ads on the Search Network.

If you’ve exhausted these options and cannot identify the problem, consider hiring a professional PPC management agency like PPC Pro. In addition to conversion optimization, they can help troubleshoot issues like ads not showing. While PPC can attract tons of targeted traffic to your website or other digital properties, it’s only effective if your ads display when someone searches for your target keyword.

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