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3 proven ways to supercharge Quality Score

It’s what makes Adwords tick and gets the juices flowing at all the big marketing conferences. To say that Quality Score grabs most of the headlines when it comes to PPC chat would be an understatement; it’s something that every person who is looking to get a foothold in the industry needs to learn.

Of course, there’s learning about Quality Score and how to use it to your advantage. Those that can do the latter, like Assertive Media, gain the plaudits, higher ad positions, and lower costs. Ultimately, that will be the end goal of PPC advertising (along with conversions).


Bearing this in mind, today’s task is to look at three ways to boost the Quality Score of keywords on your account. Let’s take a look at some of the main ways in detail.

The importance of relevant ad copy

As you’ll soon see, improving your Quality Score isn’t an exact science. The changes are usually simple, and this first falls into this category.

While changing ad copy might seem mundane, keeping on top of things is essential. Ensuring each ad has a document related to your keywords would be best. For example, if you advertise “ benefit your CTR.

Use smaller but targeted ad groups.

One of the most common mistakes in PPC advertising is throwing all your keywords into one ad group. Sure, this is the fastest way to do things, but it’s one of the worst things you can do regarding efficiency.

It would be best if you were looking to split your ad groups as targeted as possible. This links to the previous point; by being granular with your ad groups, you can also ensure that every ad serving the group contains the relevant keywords.

Things become much more targeted by doing the above, and you can start to optimize and eradicate any poor-performing keywords (or maybe even ad groups) if you notice certain trends.

Make sure your landing pages are in order.

Something else that will impact your Quality Score emphatically is your landing pages. Again, this might be one of those so-called boring tasks but get this wrong, and you’ll soon see a lot of low numbers in the Quality Score column.

Again, it’s all about relevancy. It’s all about ensuring each landing page corresponds to the relevant ad. So many accounts get this wrong; they point the destination URL to the homepage and then wonder why their ad isn’t performing. Give the user what they want, and watch your Quality Score soar.

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