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6 Ways of Building A Huge Following And Likes For Your Pictures: Instagram

As an Instagram user, a major challenge you will always face in creating traffic to your account is gaining followers and maintaining their engagement and participation. Creating followers and keeping their involvement is completely different, as one does not guarantee the other.

This overview looks into how to get followers and ensure that your followers’ participation and engagement are enhanced, resulting in more likes.


These approaches include;

  • Using popular hashtags

Hashtags help in categorizing pictures using keywords, and they help them get discovered by users. Using several or many hashtag keywords increases your pictures’ probability of being visited and shared.

One way to ensure you only use popular hashtags is to search the trending hashtags and use some for your picture.

  • Use pictures that appeal to users.

Aside from using Instagram as a platform for posting any picture, it is always prudent to use those pictures to captivate the users’ interest, especially if you aim to engage the users and gain their likes. Use clear, high-quality, and relevant images for what you want to portray.


As a rule of thumb, avoid the following;

  • Avoid posting a picture several times consecutively, as the users will lose interest in it.
  • Posting similar.
  • Posting pictures of the obvious- people are attracted to images of things that are out of the ordinary and are not fond of doing or seeing.
  • Active Instagram community member

Since you are posting pictures to the platform and seeking to have likes from your followers, it is important to also play your part as a community member by liking other people’s pictures. You can start by selecting photos from random people or go to accounts of your “followers” or “following” and like multiple pictures posted.

The logic behind this is that by liking other people’s pictures, they will return the favor, like the pictures you post, and follow you.

  • Timing your posts

Knowing your audience’s timing is important so that you can time your posts so they will have time to see and like them. Some probable time to post includes

Integration with other platforms

To open your profile and pictures to a wider audience, it is recommended to integrate your account with other social media platforms, e.g., Facebook and your website, if you have one.

  • Use apps

Numerous apps integrate with Instagram and help manage the account and pictures. They also help you collect more followers for Instagram and Instagram likes in a more simplified manner.

It is important to know that SEO is key to ensuring the popularity of any items posted on social media platforms. The use of apps makes it easier to carry out basic optimization by identifying keywords that can be used to categorize your pictures.

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Walter is a business consultant in SEO and content marketing and an ICT graduate majoring in information systems management, network security, and online marketing. He is a proficient reader and writer on SEO and online marketing through Instagram likes.

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I work for WideInfo and I love writing on my blog every day with huge new information to help my readers. Fashion is my hobby and eating food is my life. Social Media is my blood to connect my family and friends.
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