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Independent Search Engine & Directory Network (ISEDN) – Breaking News!

Watch out for a shift in the pay-in line with-click (PPC) enterprise going on right now! This shift is finally going to give smaller search engines and directories the potential to faucet into the PPC market, currently monopolized by the massive weapons online (Google, Yahoo & MSN). They will obtain this lofty intention utilizing banding together and handing overpaid advert placements on a mass network scale for a fraction of the fee.

More and extra advertisers will need to market it via the ISEDN due to the sheer amount of exposure that they will be capable of acquiring through google search engine and directories partnered together through this network.

I was able to be the primary to interview Mel Strossen, CEO of Jayde Online, Inc., the parent employer of ExactSeek.Com.

The google search engine & Directory Network (ISEDN) was an outgrowth of ExactSeek’s commitment to conveying less costly and effective seek advertising to the internet community. Although ExactSeek was a hit in partnering with some of the serps and directories, it has become apparent that the popularization of a new pay-for-inclusion program would be better served with an active aid and unbiased association of serps and directories than via an unmarried engine.

Here are a few excerpts from that interview:


Martin: “When changed into the ISEDN fashioned?

Mel: “The company was officially founded in June of this 12 months, even though the concept for a network of this kind turned into being mentioned for numerous months preceding to that. The ISEDN website, however, is only some days old.”

Martin: “How many contributors does the ISEDN community have proper now?”

Mel: “47 individuals for the time being; however, the network has been obtaining new participants at a fee of three – 5 in keeping with the week.”

Martin: “What sort of marketplace attain can the network deliver?”

Mel: “It sincerely depends on how big the community will become. Some seek engine and listing participants have stated 10,000,000+ searches/month, but, given the rapid boom of the ISEDN and the fact that it is only some weeks vintage, we sincerely haven’t had the possibility to determine the whole quantity of google search engine impressions the network can deliver. We expect to acquire precise numbers from the contributors inside the coming weeks, a good way to enable us to offer a greater accurate picture of the network’s search attain. My first-rate guesstimate right now could be that pay-for-inclusion listings are displayed approximately one hundred twenty million times in keeping with month. Of route, that determine will grow as the ISEDN grows.”


Martin: “Why ought to advertisers pick the ISDN network over Google or Yahoo?”

Mel: “The maximum apparent purpose is cost. An advertiser buying a 3 or 12-month list is looking for $three – $four a month. I’m now not privy to another engine that can fit what the ISEDN gives in terms of price or exposure. Where else can you purchase targeted keyword terms for much less than $5 a month and get pinnacle 10 exposure on your web page listings throughout 45+ serps and directories?”

Martin: “You’re right, that is excellent!”

Martin: “Because of the sheer distribution length this may potentially have, what preventive measures are being carried out for click on fraud?”

Mel: “In the ISEDN marketing model, there may be no incentive for click fraud to occur. You pay a one-time charge for your chosen key-word time period, and that’s it. Competitors or bots could click for your ad time and again, and it would not value you a penny extra. With the financial cause for click fraud removed, it’s unlikely to be trouble.”

Martin: “What does the destiny preserve for the ISDN?”

Mel: “It’s a bit early for me to invest in how the ISEDN would possibly evolve. ExactSeek is simply one member. Plans will depend upon member participation and enter in the coming months. What I would like to see is for the ISEDN to turn out to be a counterweight to the gradual monopolization of seeking on the Web by way of engines along with Google, Yahoo! And MSN. I would also want to see the ISEDN contribute in other regions associated with seeking and search relevance and, in all likelihood, the guide of open-source search software. In the long term, I believe the Web and searchers in fashionable can be higher served by using range than via monopoly.”

Martin: “Are contributors going to determine the destiny of the community?

Mel: “The brief answer is sure, they’ll. To function efficiently, the ISEDN will, in time, need to enforce some governing shape that determines the organization’s future course. What that shape is and the way the ISEDN evolves will depend upon entering from the members. Initially, the path and goals will maximum in all likelihood be decided by using majority consensus.

We’ve just introduced a non-public member discussion board to the ISEDN website to permit individuals to voice their perspectives on troubles inclusive of the community’s direction, objectives, online advertising, and marketing, governing shape, community advertising, and different subjects of relevance to the membership.

Martin: “So will any of the discussions from the network discussion board be opened up to the public?”

Mel: “Eventually, sure. Assuming public hobby, we’re going to set up dialogue boards that allow site owners and/or site owners to ask questions and offer comments to individual ISEDN contributors or the membership as an entire. If we cross this path and, I expect we can, it has to help enhance conversation among searchers and seek companies. It should also enhance the fashionable public focus of the various first-rate directories and search engines like google on the Web that currently is below the radar.”

Martin: “So how does the marketing component paintings?”

Mel: “Every ISEDN member is provided with an XML feed to put into effect inside their search outcomes or listing listings. The feed may be modified utilizing the man or woman contributors so that pay-for-inclusion listings are displayed in a way that fits their website’s online appearance and experience. Still, irrespective of how the listings are displayed, advertisers are guaranteed 10 publicity throughout the ISEDN network. Premium placement of this kind is made possible by using the fact that we restrict the number of times someone keyword term can be bought. All paid listings are rotated in the SERPs (seek engine result pages) on every character engine and listing.

Surveys have always proven that few searchers look at greater than 30 search effects for any given search question. The ISEDN marketing model considers and boundaries the sale of any keyword time period to 30. If a keyword term has been offered less than 10 instances, the paid listing nearly continually seems on the first page of search outcomes (relies upon on how many listings ISEDN member presentations in keeping with the page) even though no longer always in the identical function. If a key-word time period has been bought extra than 10 instances, then paid listings start to rotate among the SERPs. On offered out keyword terms, the worst-case state of affairs for an advertiser might be that his list might seem on the primary page of outcomes kind of as soon as of each three searches on his keyword term. This is really offset, but via the truth that the system helps wide keyword matching in addition to genuine key-word matching.

Martin: “With this primary come, first serve application – Are you concerned that bigger agencies will buy out all the keywords to be had?”

Mel: “Not honestly. There are literally thousands and thousands of key-word time period mixtures available. As the extra obvious phrases are sold out, it’d require extra creative questioning on advertisers to give you desirable searchable terms; however, aside from that, I don’t anticipate trouble. Many customers either neglect to resume their key phrases or sincerely let their listings expire based on cutting-edge tendencies. The result is that thousands of keyword terms might be rolling over on a chronic foundation. On the occasion that this system will become so wildly popular that keyword availability does turn out to be a hassle, we may need to observe converting the system’s parameters to housing demand. Still, it really is unlikely in the foreseeable destiny.”


Anytime a PPC or paid inclusion advert can get disbursed via an entire network of competition, it has the capacity to be very effective and supply quite a few great effects. Personally, I would an awful lot choose to promote it within one hundred websites instead of just one. The electricity of advertising is in the numbers!

This could not have come at a better time. The search engine marketing industry is crying for satisfactory PPC options. Google’s recent conflict with a click on fraud has left many advertisers global huge wondering if they ought to, without a doubt, keep their entire internet advertising and marketing budget inside one basket.

Increase Your ROI Through Smaller Programs Online:

More and more, Smartads is recommending paid advertising in smaller, greater tightly knit search engines like google and yahoo and directories to our customers. ROI (Return on funding) could be crucial to the advertising industry, and we’ve found that advertising in smaller ventures in place of the bigger gorillas online brings higher consequences.

The reason for this is easy:

* – Less opposition
* – Greater targeted target audience
* – More nearby opportunities
* – More exposure in your money

In the antique days, creating smaller, extra centered PPC campaigns were several works for the marketing professional to investigate and hold. The ISDN has made that activity plenty easier for us to preserve on a bigger scale. Why might you spend hours looking for smaller directories and other applications while you could find them under one umbrella?

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