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Myths that can blight the modern-day digital marketer

It’s one of the fastest-growing industries of recent times, and in truth, it’s transformed how many businesses work. However, with so much publicity surrounding digital marketing, it stands to reason that there’s also a lot of misinformation published.

You only have to look at social networks and read the experts’ reports. Every Jonathan Disegi talks about the real techniques; someone else may go down a less accurate path.

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All in all, it means that life for an entry-level digital marketer can be made somewhat difficult. This topic could probably be constantly discussed, and we are subjected to more myths every month. We have collated some of the most common misconceptions branded on social media and published them here for now. Here goes.

“SEO is dead.”

This is an old classic; anyone involved in SEO or general digital marketing has probably heard it repeatedly.

Let’s be frank here; SEO has changed. Several years ago, all sorts of techniques worked, many of which were against Google’s guidelines. The game has just got harder in simple terms, and the “black hat” methods that were once so golden don’t work and aren’t ineffective.

Instead, SEO involves much more creativity and attracting backlinks correctly. Additionally, let’s not forget the technical element of SEO – you might have the most beautiful-looking website in the world. Still, if your title tags, canonical, and navigation are all over the place, it will all be for nothing. This fuels the argument that SEO is most definitely not dead.


“Negative social media comments are terrible for business.”

Nobody wants to attract negative social media comments – but it’s part and parcel of the game.

In many ways, businesses should view these comments as an opportunity. Showing that you immediately address customer concerns can improve your company’s reputation. Over time, responses like this will boost your business no-end.

It’s also worth mentioning that as your company grows, it stands to reason that you’ll probably get more negative comments. The trick is to manage them and turn unhappy customers into ones pleased with handling a situation.

“Once your first test works, you can set and forget.”

Testing is a massive part of a digital marketer’s role – no one will dispute this; however, once a company has found the “golden ticket,” the test that beats all difficulties before it, the consensus is that they can forget about any further tests.

Well, this is the best way to stand still. Not all tests will work successfully, but the best approach is to find the next big thing that will trump everything you previously did. There will always be new methods, and you’ll miss a huge trick by not investing in further tests.

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