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Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think 1

Summer is approaching expediently, causing everyone to look into their pockets and under the couch cushions to find a few dimes or some spare change to rub together to make that dream beach vacation happen. As a struggling college student, I haven’t been on holiday in years – partially due to a lack of funds and because I would have to travel alone.

And that thought is not exactly a pleasant one. Most of my friends who could afford to go on these vacations often pick holidays way out of my price range, making it impossible for me to join them.

I have recently been thinking about what it would be like to travel alone to different places around the globe. After reading a few travel blogs and pricing other options, I learned that traveling alone might not be so bad. So, I decided to take the plunge and went on a little excursion to Washington D.C. Though this is not a tropical vacation like most would expect I would like, it gave me the courage to start planning my dream beach vacation this spring.

Since traveling broke has often synonymous with traveling alone, I will first discuss my adventure traveling alone. Then, I will discuss how I planned my beach vacation on a budget.

Isn’t it lonely?

Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think 2

You would think that traveling alone would be incredibly lonely, but I have found the opposite true, and so have many others who have dared as I have. This was something I was terrified of getting homesick and missing out on the people I interact with every day.

Though I already lived alone at the time, I was used to spending a considerable amount of time alone, but I also often had friends over any time I didn’t have much to do. However, as I was concerned about my mental health on this trip I was supposed to be taking to get more relaxed; I searched the internet for tips on how to combat loneliness. Below are a few things I learned that worked for me during my first solo trip:

Learn to be your own best friend. You won’t feel lonely when traveling or in life in general. I realize this sounds very hippie-esque to most, but ite quite a bit as I transitioned.

Hostels are the best places for making friends. Although most people you meet never become more than hostel friends, there’s always a chance you’ll find a soulmate with whom you’ll stay friends forever. Forget about fancy and lonely hotel rooms and open or in your browser, read the reviews, and find the best social hostel.

You’re guaranteed to meet lots of interesting people. When I went to D.C. I found a hostel where I met several other college students doing the same thing. We went and got food together and visited museums. Though I still spent quite a lot of the trek on my own, getting to talk about my day with others when I got back to the hostel was amazing.


It might sound very hippie and bohemian, but it’s the truth – smile, and people will want to communicate with you. On the other hand, if you’re sullen and have a negative attitude, people will subconsciously avoid talking to you. As the saying goes: “Smile and the world smile with you; cry, and you cry alone.”

I am typically told that I have an RBF (I will let you figure out that abbreviation), and this week, I began actively trying to be a bit more smiley, which opened up many more doors for me.

Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think 3

Seek out locals with similar interests.

If you’re a chef, find out if there’s a local chef club. Suppose you like dancing; Google local dance schools. This is a useful tip, especially if you stay more than 2–3 days at your destination.

I found a dance hall with line dancing and a lot of old-school partner dancing, and it was so much fun to be open to meeting so many people with the same interests as me while dancing to some of the best music from a time ago.

Become a volunteer

It’s quite similar to the previous recommendation, although while going out costs money, this option is typically free, and if you are lucky, you might even get some free merch out of it. Try volunteering if you have the chance – you’ll feel great, and, likely, you’ll also meet great people.

How did you pick the right vacation for you?

Well, I did a lot of online research, and if you are looking for that beach vacation I discussed earlier, then there is one site you must become acquainted with. As I will be traveling with my boyfriend, I found that resorts for couples have all-inclusive vacation packages where the number you see is the number you pay. You can also choose to pay more once you get there, but you can pick and choose what things you want to do and how much you want to spend when booking. This makes it almost impossible for there to be any surprise fees once you get there.

Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think 4

So whether you are traveling alone or traveling with friends – or an extraordinary friend – Sandles is the first place to go when looking for vacation packages. Not only are they affordable, but they are full of fun experiences that I would never have considered.

I wish you luck as you plan your vacation on a budget, and I hope my advice can offer you some solace as you adventure out into the world. Happy Travels!

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