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Why Traveling Broke Isn’t As Bad As You Think

travel blogs and pricing out different options, I have learned that traveling alone might not be so bad. So, I decided to take the plunge and went on a little excursion to Washington D.C. Though this is not a tropical vacation like most would expect I would like, it gave me the courage to start planning my dream beach vacation this spring.

Since traveling broke has often found itself to be synonymous with traveling alone, I will first discuss my adventure traveling alone, and then I will discuss how I went about planning my beach vacation on a budget.

Learn to be your own best friend you won’t feel lonely when traveling or in life in general. I realize that to most this sounds very hippie-esque, but it actually helped me quite a bit as I transitioned.

Hostels are the best places for making friends. Although most of the people you meet never become more than just hostel friends, there’s always a chance you’ll find a soulmate with whom you’ll stay friends with forever. Forget about fancy and lonely hotel rooms and open or in your browser, read the reviews and find the best social hostel there is.

You’re guaranteed to meet lots of interesting people. When I went to D.C. I found a hostel where I met several other college students doing the same thing. We went and got food together and visited museums. Though I still spent quite a lot of the trek on my own, getting to talk about my day with others when I got back to the hostel was amazing.

traveling with friends – or an extraordinary friend – Sandles is the first place you should go when looking for vacation packages. Not only are they affordable but they are full of fun experiences that I would never have considered.


I wish you luck as you plan your own vacation on a budget and I hope my advice can offer you some solace as you adventure out into the world. Happy Travels!

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