Complete Your Outdoor Adventure With Axe Throwing In Squamish

Squamish, B.C. is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, located “between the sea and the sky” in an idyllic location on the B.C. coast, at the foot of the mountains. In the summer, it’s home to great hiking trails and heaven for mountain bike enthusiasts. You can go from white water rafting to rock climbing in the same day, and top it all off with a craft beer tour with breweries like Howe Sound, A-Frame Brewing Co., and Backcountry Brewing, not to mention Gillespie’s, which makes small-batch spirits from B.C. grain and fruits. In the winter, Squamish becomes a skiing destination, especially for backcountry and cross-country skiing. You can go dogsledding, heli-skiing, snowmobiling, and ice climbing making this a great destination this holiday season.


There’s one more outdoor activity you can get into in Squamish, B.C., this holiday, and it’s good in both winter and summer. It’s ax throwing in Squamish, and while you probably think of lumberjack competitions and throwing axes in a forest somewhere, it’s all inside, in a warehouse-style venue (with heating) complete with pitches, targets, and an endless supply of axes. Ax throwing in Squamish should be on the radar of anyone coming with friends, family, or just for a romantic getaway if adventures in the mountains, woods, and by the sea are up to your alley.

Ax throwing in Squamish is a little different from the things you’ve seen on TV. Pioneered by the Backyard Axe Throwing League or BATL, the sport has been adapted for casual players. With locations in cities across North America, from Toronto to Scottsdale, Arizona, they organize both competitive leagues and nights where you can come and enjoy an ax-throwing party with all of your friends. Either way, no experience is necessary with this easy-to-pick-up sport.


Ax throwing at BATL begins with training; expert staff teaches you how to throw an ax safely and how to land those bullseyes. In an ax-throwing game, you get three matches, with five throws per match. You’re aiming at a target worth:

  • 5 points on the bullseye
  • 3 points on the inner ring
  • 1 point on the outer ring
  • zero points outside the ring
  • 7 points on the clutch, two green spots on the top right and left corners that you can score on your final throw

When you come with a group of friends or family, you do a round-robin tournament followed by elimination rounds – so that you can satisfy that competitive side you’ve always had. It’s a quick sport to learn, and in no time, you’ll be landing bullseyes or even daring to take on the challenge of the clutch.

To book the and reserve your time. Book well in advance and find out why everyone is talking about ax throwing. If you love outdoor and alternative sports, you can’t miss out on ax-throwing this holiday season.

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