How to Make Friends in a Hostel

Staying in hostels while you’re out on the road makes traveling a lot more budget-friendly, but it also provides the opportunity to be immersed in a highly social environment, providing a great natural gathering spot for like-minded travelers worldwide. According to Hostelworld, 51% of hotel travelers say the most important factor for a great trip is “meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.”

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Whether you’re coming from Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, or somewhere in between, making new friends from across the globe will likely be one of your travels’ highlights. On your next trip, you might plan an itinerary that includes visiting some of your favorite travel buddies.

Book a Dorm Room

Your odds of getting to know other guests are better if you book a dorm room, as you’ll live in rather close quarters. You’ll be in a natural situation for conversations; after all, it would be a little awkward if no one talks. If you’re nervous, smile, say hello, and perhaps ask where the other person is from. Still, you don’t have to stay in a dorm if that’s not your thing. Many hostels offer private rooms, and you’re still guaranteed a social stay, meeting other guests at breakfast, taking advantage of the activities provided, or hanging out at the hostel bar.

Reach Out to Those Who Are Alone

If you notice someone sitting in a common room alone, it could be that they’re shy and just waiting for someone else to make the first move. They’d probably be holed up in their room if they didn’t want to talk to anyone. Don’t be afraid to speak first; there are lots of simple questions that make conservation easy in a hostel, as noted above – ask them where they’re from, about some of the places they’ve traveled to, or perhaps for advice such as the best places to go out at night.

Offer to Share Food

Sharing food is a great way to meet people and get a conversation going. Consider picking up some groceries and cooking a meal in the hostel kitchen, inviting at least a few or all the guests, depending on the hostel’s size. If that’s not an option, invite out a guest or group of guests to join you for dinner at that cool new hotspot you discovered.

Meet Up with Hostel Travelers Before You Go

If you’re an introvert and have a hard time starting a conversation with someone you’ve never met, trying meeting someone online first. Apps like Backpacker are great as they allow you to check out other travelers/backpackers’ travel plans with similar itineraries. You can spend time chatting online to find out if it’s someone you’d like to join you on the mountain trek or whatever adventure you have in mind before meeting up in person.

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